Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Busy Busy Day

I got off work early this morning so I slept in this morning. You know how it goes, sleep when you can...

Well today I skipped my gym workout to work in my yard. I'm trying to get my yard landscaped, I pulled all my shrubbery about 2 years ago and still haven't planted any new ones. Well I worked in my yard for about 2 hours, mowing, picking up sticks, and preparing a flower bed. I was content with my workout.

I went to dinner just before it was time for Biggest Loser. Well on my way home I ran into a friend that had just ran so many miles and I guess the competitor in me just wasn't going to be out done, so when I got home I watched Biggest Loser from the treadmill (again!) So even though I skipped out on the gym I still got my calorie burn for the day.

I'm thinking maybe that for the season finale of Biggest Loser I will watch it sitting on the couch...MAYBE?

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