Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 11, It Feels like Day 45

After the 3rd day with no sleep and no food I must be completely honest in saying, I am starving. I am so excited to get a full nights sleep tonight. It always makes me feel a little better. While at work last night my entire abdomen hurt, I was pretty sure that I had appendicitis, gall bladder disease, kidney failure and that my stomach was eating its self. All in hopes of convincing myself that I should get to eat. Don't worry, I didn't but I was pretty sure that was what I needed to do.

As far a work goes I have to throw a shout out to my girl from work who told me she reads my blog last night, What up, Zada!!!!!!

As soon as I got off work I felt sooooo much better so I figured all of my symptoms of my diseases were as fake as my surgery.

Today marks the first day that I get to transition into solid food. I don't get to eat solid foods, but I do get to have cream soups, yogurt, milk, and others with a little more oomph! (That's more of a sound than a word but that's how I describe it.)

I am still looking so forward to next week where I get to have some pureed foods. I hope that will be a little more filling than all this liquid. I have found that one thing that may be better with actually having the surgery, I haven't felt full at all since starting this. At least when they cut out half your stomach you feel full after you half cup of chicken broth. But, I'm still no a fan of the surgery. I would rather be empty inside with the knowledge that I can be full again than have my stomach reduced to the side of a golf ball.

Keep checking back for more....

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