Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 5-6

Hello all,

Sorry its taken me so long to get a post to you today, but Ive been doing my best. Well that is not exactly true. I slept this morning and then went to a birthday party (we will cover that in a minute)

I wanted to be completely honest with you all tonight. Last night was the first time I have truly truly struggled doing this. Before I just wanted something to eat, last night I felt like I needed something to eat. My stomach hurt all night long. I was almost nauseous but heaven knows there was nothing to puke. I was also a little light headed. Nothing bad but when I would bend over and then stand up quick I would spin for a second. And finally, there was the heartburn. I dont normally get hearburn when I eat healty or when Im eating poorly, but not eating aparently gives me heartburn. Who knows? My body was weak, I just needed food. It was truly the hardest time I've had since I started this.

Today I have felt so much better, I guess this was just the next hump to get over.

Make sure you check in tomorrow for the first update....weight and all.

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