Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 5 Finally, Really It's Just Getting Started

Evening Folks.

This day has been relatively uneventful, I wasn't struggling to bad with the hunger and for the first time I got to eat at dinner without having to just sit and watch. Well lets be honest, I ate the liquid out of soup and a cube of jello. It kinda tasted like yuck, but it was just great not to be the only one not eating.

Now I have to head off to work and we know how well it has been thus far at work but I'm feeling stronger in the willpower department so hopefully I wont get to annoyed by others getting to eat tonight. I'm actually thinking of not even going in the break room instead just walking around the store. That might help.

Well I can wait for the first week to be over, I'm ready to give an update, look for it on Sunday. I'm going to be weighing on Sunday mornings and giving you all update some time that afternoon. I may just send the update that morning, just depends on how good it is.

Keep checking for more....

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