Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 5 Still in Progress

I am having so many technical malfunctions today this is the first time I have been able to post. My goodness when one thing goes out, they all seem to mess up. New phone will be here Monday and the Internet is working again. Woo Hoo.

Alright on to the updates.

I am still feeling pretty great, not too hungry, not too irritable, I think all is pretty good. I went to bed last night with my back hurting and this morning it is still in a little bit of pain. I have no idea what I did and I am hesitant to take anything on an empty stomach so I just have to deal with it. Not exactly what I had in mind but Ill just deal with it.

I am getting excited about the first weigh in...the result are good so far and I hope they are just going to get better over the next few days. I am also looking forward to next week when I get to add more foods to the diet. Next week we are looking to yogurt. Hello, that is almost solid food. I am ready to have to chew something. But that's a few weeks away.

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