Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Devil Shoes Back On

I finally got the devil shoes back on my feet, and worked out with them on today. And I did all of this with very little pain

I had a very good, actually 2 very good workouts tonight. I went to class tonight and we got to do kickboxing, Ah, WOO HOO!!!!! This is my favorite workout and I think it is the best exercise for me.

Well then after Praise Band practice I got home and felt like I needed a little more tonight so I ran some on the treadmill. I would just like to say I ran the belt off that stupid treadmill. I did sprints at a speed that I have not been able to do before and just kept pushing it until I actually did sprints 2mph faster than I have ever done. I got off feeling great, tired and sweaty!

And I did all of these things with the devil shoes on....I am so hoping I don't end up having to throw them out. But I'm thinking that the rain issue is what hurt my feet so bad not the shoes. I HOPE!

Now if I can cool off a little bit I am going to retire for the night.

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