Wednesday, April 21, 2010

End of Day 3

This morning started off pretty rough. I was struggling early and really couldn't get the idea of food off my mind. I actually had to leave the office during lunch cause I just couldn't stand to watch them eat.

Well I am feeling much better now...

I just keep thinking of things that I am missing and not getting to eat and then I think of the point that I am trying to prove and it makes it a little easier. I made it another day without cheating although I really wanted a French Fry off my niece's plate tonight.

I did get the chance to workout tonight and I can definitely tell that my body is needing fuel. "Food is Fuel"-whoever said that was not lying. My workout was exhausting from the very beginning but I really think that helped me get over the hump. Once I left the gym I felt tons better.

So day 3 is over and I am feeling much better. I am surely ready for bed and cant wait for's just getting exciting now.

Keep coming back...Ill post again!

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