Saturday, April 3, 2010

Half Marathon....What's Up With That

Well today was the day...13.1 miles!!!! I wish you all could just see the grin that is just plastered all over my face. Well this was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and I'm afraid this feeling may be addictive. I am thrilled that I finished it, and did so close to my goal time. I set a goal of 14 minute miles, which would have been 3 hours total, and I finished in 3:15. And I was not disappointed in that at all. I took my phone to get some pictures and got a few before the race started but then the rain, ALL THE RAIN, cut my phone off (still not working) but thankfully my niece was there for the first part and got some great pictures.

This was before the race...

This was also before the race...I didn't think anyone was going to get to come except my mom at the end and what do you know, just before the start of the race I see 2 of my sisters and 2 of my nieces there to send me off. I think they came cause it could have been the last time they would ever see me.

Both of these were about mile 1. Man that was early in the race. I think subconsciously I was preparing for the worst in all black.

Is this the cutest support group in their matching jackets or what?....Thanks for coming guys.

Ok now if you are squeamish at all I would suggest you stop reading right here. THIS IS WHERE WE TALK ABOUT INJURIES.

As you can see in the pictures I wore my knee brace and when I finished my knee felt great.
About mile 8 I felt my calf cramping and kinda got scared, then about the last half a mile I started cramping again. I just couldn't stop and walk at that point and scared off that cramp, but when I got to the finish line I jumped across and as soon as I landed my calf just seized up...BUT WHO CARES AT THAT POINT!!!!!

My feet took the most of the damage throughout the race. I got to about mile 4 I thought I had a rock in my shoe. I finally bent over to get it out and when I pulled my shoe away I could see that I had a blister forming. Well, it got worse and you know I got pictures.

Ok I know you are thinking...that doesn't look so bad, don't be a baby, the next two are where it gets good.

Yes that is blood, it is all over my socks and shoes. I also have a blister on the bottom of my foot.

Ok, that's all with the injuries cause they are gross, but I had to share the shoes. And I'm too excited to talk about my feet hurting.
Just one more picture for your viewing pleasure. There was a guy that ran the entire race barefoot. I don't know him and hope you don't mind that you are on my blog but he was entertaining and my niece was fascinated.
Hope you all come and do it next year. Four of the girls in my workout class did this race, two are frequent runners and two of us are not but baby we all finished. GOOD JOB GIRLS...see you in class Monday, but I don't think I will be in tennis shoes. Ha Ha!


Brandi said...

I am just so proud of you!!!!! Chris was telling me about the barefoot guy. It's not surprising to see a Kenyan running a race barefoot, but he doesn't look Kenyan does he?! Great job! Once again I am so proud of you! Looks for my post on Monday!

Anonymous said...

great job!! I hope some day that I will be able to run like you did. You give me HOPE!!

Anonymous said...

You did awesome! So proud of you. Glad we could come and cheer you on. Love ya

Elizabeth said...

man....all that blood! that is dedication, girl, to keep going through that! not sure i could! show off those blisters proudly!

Anonymous said...

We are proud of you and knew you could do it! Maybe you could try running barefoot next time...that would probably cut down on the heel blisters.

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