Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Monday My Wonderful Readers

For starters I want to thank all of you who came out and had pancakes with us on Saturday. We had a great turn out and raised a lot of money for the American Cancer Society. Don't worry if you were not able to come we have one more event for you. We are having a 5k race next month, you can come out and walk or run bring a friend a get a t shirt with your entry fee. It's only $15 so you better come out...its for a great cause.

I really have nothing for you today. I had to work last night so I slept most of the morning away. And I have full intentions of going home and sleeping again before I head off again. I am still determined to prove that you can work two jobs with no sleep and still lose weight but so far I am unsuccessful at that. But I have a plan. Most of my Target 20 is gone, just a few more and Ill be back at the mark I was in October. Like I said I didn't quite gain 20 but it sounds so much more dramatic.

I will have to share with you though how I have been trying to cut the calories. I have started taking my lunch on days that I have to work and basically cutting it in half. I eat have during the day then take the other half with me at night and eat it on my lunch break. If I do this I still have the same number of calories just spread out over the day. This little trick has helped me lose what I gained working nights and hopefully it will keep working for a while so I can start seeing results again.

I have been within the same 10 lbs for the last few months, I guess its good that I'm holding steady but I'm ready for the results again. I want to see the 100 mark really really bad, and I think I can do it. It would be the first time ever, and hopefully the last. When I was in high school I lost about 75 lbs only to gain every single one back and a few of their friends came along for the ride. So here goes again.

I am officially on the mission for 100. That might be more exciting than finishing the half, but it would have to be great to top that feeling. Ill keep you updated.

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