Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My 10 Random Thoughts for the Day

I have had lots and lots or weird ideas and thoughts today but none of them are really post worthy so I thought I would put them all in one.

10. Do you think the contestants on Dancing with the Stars talk to each other during the dances?

9. Why do they call it permanent marker when it will eventually wear off?

8. Jello? Nothing should be this color.

7. I miss that commercial on the radio where the girl says, "Nothing can stop a trAAAAAin" in the most southern accent.

6. Why do the cell phone insurance companies want the broken phones back? It obviously doesn't work or I wouldn't have needed a new one.

5. I wish this guy would call me back. (No not a date a customer, but I want to go home)

4. When did the electric wheel chair become a form of transportation. People around here are driving these things to Wal-Mart. ?????????????

3. Ive been looking out the window for the last 4 hours and have witnessed all of the following...beautiful sunshine, tornado like winds, light rain, horizontal rain downfall, and a hail storm. Really!

2. I wish I could find a desk chair that felt like a lazy boy recliner. The edge of my desk kinda digs into my leg when I put my feet up.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In a response to random thought number 4.....there is not a law against it (my boss has reserached this for me) and as long as they have reflectors and headlights they can be on the road at night...hmmm what happens if I hit one of them? Obviously they dont have auto insurance since they are not a motor vehicle so does that mean I am screwed. This is a sore subject for me....as you can tell. :) "A"

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