Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh! the Sticker is Plaguing Me like the Blueberry Muffins

First Off let me go ahead and apologize to my family. I know y'all are so tired of hearing about this stupid sticker, but I must vent to the world.

I have been talking about the sticker that goes on the back of your car (see the picture) since I signed up for my half-marathon. I had chances to buy it before the race but I was to superstitious to purchase it before I had completed the race. I just knew if I bought it I would not finish and would just have to look at the sticker sitting on my counter without being able to celebrate putting it on my car.

So last night I had to work, and I tried to sleep, just a few hours before I had to leave for work but I had already decided I was going to leave early so I could go by the Sporting Goods Store to buy the sticker. I was so excited about this that I couldn't sleep. I even took window cleaner so I could clean the window and put it on as soon as I had it.

Well I got to the store, and guess what...STILL NO FREAKIN STICKER!!!

One of my sisters is looking today and hopefully she will find it but if not I will be ordering online.

I have to have it and will have it. I don't have fatigued sore muscles and scraped up feet for nothing.

Hopefully, I will get tired of the 13.1 and go for the 26.2 one day...one day far away.

By the way the Title of this post goes way back, you'll have to back read to figure it out!

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