Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biggest Loser Finale....Just One More Week

Again this week I missed the actual show on TV but have no fear, I recorded it and finally got to watch it. I started it this morning when I got home from work, but of course I fell asleep so I watched the rest of it once I woke up and got moving.

I just loved this episode so much but was left so upset with Daris. I have picked him as my winner for so long now and to see him go home and gain weight just broke my heart a little bit. With all the previews I spent the week wondering who it was going to be that gained, Mike or Ashley, and they both kicked it at home. So I will still be voting for Daris to make it to the finale but he really hurt my feelers by gaining weight over the 30 days at home.

So now that I have talked about how he hurt my feelings I have to brag on him a little bit. WOW!!!! how freaking awesome did he do in the marathon. A 4 hour time is pretty good in my eyes. I ran half that distance in 3:15 so I was major impressed. Maybe one day Ill get up the courage to attempt the full thing. But like the last one, my main goal is completion no time deadline.

For all you followers out there, just go ahead and know, next week Tuesday from 7-9pm, actually from 10-12pm (I have plans that night), don't call, email, or text, cause I will be on the treadmill watching the finale. I already checked my work schedule and I'm off!!!!!!

Ohhhhh, I cant wait!!!

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