Thursday, May 6, 2010

Biggest Loser Makeover Show

I finally got to watch the Makeover Episode of the Biggest Loser tonight. I'm so excited that no one ruined it before I got to see. I have so many things to say about this episode that its going to get its own post.

First off, wow! how great did those contestants look. As we all know I have an overwhelming love for Daris, he is my pick to win it all. He looked like a man, I was so excited to see him get all that hair cut off. I was also excited that Michael cut that mess off of his head. And finally Ashley looked great too but what I found so funny about here was when her sisters came in to see her. One of her sisters patted her butt and I got tickled. It was something only people with sisters could understand, but I laughed out loud. I could see my family at that moment. Not like any of us have had a makeover in a while but that is the way we treat each other. They were so happy for her and just needed to touch her, and I guess patting her butt was the best way to do that. Anyway, I thought they all looked so great when it was over.

Watching the workouts they went through it made me want to up the intensity of my workouts. I have kinda gotten into a rut at the gym...same thing every day, every week, and now that I have a little more energy I think I'm going to try to step up my workout too. Whoever thinks this show isn't inspiring would be wrong. I know we all have our own opinion but I think I'm just right on this one!!!

Next, bye bye Sam. I liked him but he wasn't my favorite so I was not really all that sad to see him go. He looks great and proved that he can now do it on his own. And, see above, I want Daris to win so as long as he doesn't go home, I don't really care. But I did have one issue with Sam. I read a few weeks ago that he and Stephanie were dating. Woo hoo, but since when did it become a prerequisite to live with someone before you marry them. Maybe I'm old school but what happened to dating, engagement, then marriage and living together. I know that I may be alone on this one but it kinda bothered me. (To my future husband, if you are out there, don't plan on moving in til there are 2 rings on this finger)

Overall, I loved it, like always. If you are not watching you should be.


Vicky said...

This post did my soul good... I'm proud you believe the way that you do about marriage!!!

SUE said...

I am a lurker, but it did my heart good to know there are girls out there that still have morals and stand by them. Hurray! I like your views on gastric by-pass too.

Yvonne said...

I loved this episode also. I'm with ya girl because I want Daris to win too. I'm having a "Biggest Loser Finale Party" next Tuesday and you are welcome to come. We've done it for the last two years and we have a ball.

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