Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 25

I have a new appreciation for people with children, mothers, grandmothers, anyone who has to function on no sleep for days at a time. Really moms are the only people I know who consistently go days at a time without sleep. Or just a few hours here and there. I woke up yesterday and then as I told you all I had to work last night so this morning at 7am, I curled up in my chair at work to catch a few hours before I had to work. I have to throw out a huge thanks to my fellow worker who let me sleep a little longer than I should have but it was much needed and appreciated.
This is my bed at work, I have gotten plenty of good hours right there.

Well on top of no sleep, I have the best hair do ever today. When I blew it dry this morning it looked so cute and now it looks like a big ol' frizz ball on top of my head. I guess the humidity is high today or something but I'm wishing now I had done it curly for work today.

Ok that is enough of my complaining for today. As I have said the last few days I am becoming accustomed to eating like a Gastric patient and I am enjoying the weight loss of one too. At first I could tell my clothes were getting a little looser and my face was trimming up, but today my good blue jeans, you know the only pair that really fit are hanging on for dear life. And I hate to wear a belt. When you are fat the belt buckle digs into fat rolls when you sit down and it is not enjoyable at all. I think I am going to have to make a run to the Goodwill and get some new jeans. I think I need a sugar daddy to take me shopping. I'm now taking applications for that position!!

Finally, this weekend is the Relay for Life. Our team has done such a great job and worked so hard and I'm so proud of them. Now one more night, one more event. I hope you all come out and join us for a few laps around the fairgrounds. There will be lots of good food and entertainment all night long. I think we will be able to have some fun. And if it rains...who knows maybe we can just play in the rain and keep on going.

Come back to me....

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