Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day Is Done!

Another long day in my world. I actually got off work early this morning which makes me VERY VERY happy. I got to get some quality sleep this morning which was much needed. I also get to get some sleep tonight. I wish I could explain how excited I am to sleep in my bed for more than 2-3 hours.

I also enjoyed a wonderful workout tonight, actually 1 and a half. I went to Zumba and got my butt handed to me, yet again. Zumba used to be my easiest workout but let me just tell you that is no longer the case. This class just keeps getting tougher and tougher. I swear its going to break me one of these days.

Tonight in my class I kinda twirked (that might be a word) my knee a little bit. I was able to get done but it was hurting me pretty good. I got home and put a little ice on it and it was feeling better. I got on the treadmill late tonight for a couple of miles and my knee was fine so I think it was just a moment in time. I guess if it still hurts tomorrow then well...well nothing, it will just hurt.

My eating was pretty good today. I think I probably ate a little too much tonight because I just poured and didn't measure. I will have all my food with me tomorrow morning so I don't have to worry about that again. I'm getting excited for my next weigh in. I have had a good week this week and think I should have a good number. I say think because I really haven't weighed. I have worked so many nights this week and I don't like to weigh until I get a really good nights sleep.

Just a few more days to go until week 6. I hope you will all stay with me for one more week while I finish this up...and then I hope you stay with me after that. You guys keep me going every single day.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Emily!! You are doing GREAT:)


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