Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I hope that with that title you all thought I was going to have some great big news to tell but I really don't, just another update for you. I don't know how many days I have been doing this but I know there is a week and a half left.

I have had a pretty tough week so far, as work goes, but this is the first week that I feel like my body is back in sync and working the way it should. There is just something about no food that will really mess up your body's rhythm. But this week I feel good and my workouts are more productive. I have been able to do more each week but I really feel like myself again.

I am still enjoying my portion sizes and I hope to be able to keep that up once this is over. I think we are so trained to eat everything on our plates and that is just too much most of the time. I have taken all of my dinner plates out of my cabinet and I am only eating off of salad plates now. The plate looks sooooo full and I am soooo full when I'm done eating.

This week I have been able to eat some of the foods that I have been wanting this entire time. Last night was the first time I have eaten French Fries in a month, and more shocking than that I ate ketchup. I do love ketchup so much and I didn't realize that it has been a month. I should have put that into the pureed food stage, I could eat it by itself. I enjoyed my French Fries so much last night and had the realization that I can eat fries, just not everyday and there is no need to super size them, just eat them until I'm satisfied.

I think my determination to finish this project kinda messed with my mind a little bit, but as I get to eat a little more and I feel my body getting stronger its empowering. I'm not just doing this now to prove a point, but I have actually learned a lot in the process. I just really feel like my mind and body have synced up and I'm in the right place to continue my weight loss. I'll be honest, I really thought that I would gain this weight back when the 6 weeks was over, but now I just want to keep losing. I want to hit that 100lb mark even more now, and its getting closer ever single day.

Please keep coming back to me, Ill try not to miss anymore days...but we all know I will.

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