Monday, May 24, 2010

Im Over It

OK, so thanks for letting me have my little pity party yesterday over the sucky weight loss. I just needed a little time to get my head together and be realistic. I wanted a bigger number but when I look at the total for the 5 weeks I am incredibly happy. I just had a moment yesterday.

In my poor pitiful moment yesterday I forgot to mention...THIS IS THE LAST WEEK!!!!! Six more days to go and the Gastric Bypass experiment is over. During week one or two I would tell you this was miserable but now that week 6 is here I think I might miss it a little bit.

I made a list on week one of all the foods that I was going to eat when this was over. Slowly I have taken things off this list and the only thing that remains is pizza. You better believe I will be eating pizza in 6 days. I don't want the chicken fingers, taco bell crap, or any of the rest of the stuff that is on my list just pizza. But I know now that I can eat a piece of pizza maybe 2 and be completely satisfied. There is no reason to eat the whole thing.

So I have to be off now and hopefully I can post again today, but it might be tomorrow morning before I get back to you. I have some crazy working out to do tonight.

Hopefully Ill catch you back here tomorrow...

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