Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Tough Day

By the title I know you are thinking something happened. But it didn't. I just had one of those days. I will start by wishing everyone a Happy Dumb Butt Driver Day!

My day actually started last night about 7 when I woke up for work. I went to a little get together before work where I dominated at Spades. That was short lived because I had to go to work. Work was normal, nothing special at all. I was really hoping for a night that I could get off really early and come home and sleep a little bit because I knew today was going to be a doozy. I got off a little early but not early enough for quality sleep.

I did miss the early morning pancake breakfast which was really OK. I don't need pancakes and I did need sleep. Well I at least made it to the ballpark by the 10 o'clock game, but I got there at 10:30. Because of the holiday!

It took another 45 minutes to get home from the ballpark where the yard work began. I had to mow the yard today. You may have heard the screams of joy from my neighbors when I cranked the mower. It was SO bad that I was beginning to get embarrassed. I don't know when I would have done it though, I have worked all week and every time I got the chance to mow it rained.

So, I got most of the yard done before game #2. Again it took forever to drive 7 miles. I really hate this holiday. I got home again and finished up the yard, which looks great if I may brag on myself. Then I finished the night off with a dance recital.

Once I finally got home I did run on the treadmill today cause I never got a chance to go to the gym and had a really great run. I'm ready to run before 10 at night so that I can run outside for a change. You do what you gots to do.

My eating today was great. I had a turkey sandwich for lunch and that would have to be my favorite lunch ever. I only got to eat half of it but like I have said this week it was really satisfying. One more week to go before I get my Gastric Bypass reversed. I am really looking forward to eat what I want, and by that I don't mean going out and getting a value meal from some fast food restaurant. I want a day of cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, fruit and veggie snacks and a chicken breast for dinner. That is pretty much my standard day.

I'm eating Mac & Cheese and other good foods, but I miss my standard lunches. Maybe I am just a creature of habit.

I'm going to get this sweat off of me yet again for the day and then off to dream land. I'm go excited for a good nights sleep. Hope you will come back to me in the morning for an update. I have high hopes for my weight and just hope I don't get blindsided again. I need a good number tomorrow!!!

Come see me again!

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