Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

So I enjoyed my morning of movies and nothing to do, but that got old pretty quick. But have no fear, there are always plans and things to do in my family. We had a wonderful birthday party this afternoon. I love going roller skating and that is what I got to do this afternoon. I skated for about 2 hours and was sooooooo hot when I got done. That had to be good for a few calories I think.

Well tomorrow is the big day, I get food! I went grocery shopping tonight to get 2 weeks worth of food. I'm allowed to eat mostly pureed foods for the next 2 weeks . This is the rough list but here goes. Oatmeal, casseroles, cream soup with added chicken, yogurt, jello, and smoothies. All of these things have to be thinned with skim milk and blended and about the consistency of mashed potatoes.

I cooked a lot of stuff tonight so that I don't have to cook all week long, but I have to say that cooking food in my house and then having to blend it up was one of the worst things ever. I didn't even taste even though I wanted too and no one would have ever known. So now that everything is cooked and (tear tear) blended up, my house is hot and smells like delicious food.

I'm giving up on this day and going to bed cause I have a big weigh in in the morning, followed by oatmeal (Yeah!) Yes I am excited about oatmeal, I eat it every morning for breakfast.

Good night folks and don't forget tomorrow is weigh day. Ill put it up as soon as possible.

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