Saturday, May 15, 2010

Relay was a Success

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday but thanks for being patient. We worked really hard yesterday to get ready for Relay for Life and the event went really well. I was most excited that the weather held out. I sure didn't want to move inside. Overall the county raised about $75,000.

We had about 6-7 team members that stayed most of the night and there were 4 of us there for the final lap. I got some good sleep this morning and I am making myself stay up now so that I will be able to sleep tonight.

I missed my workout this morning for some sleep so I think I'm going to run this afternoon for some calorie burn. I need to move a little bit and workout some of the soreness from last night. We walked on a concrete track for the majority of the night so my feet and quads are pretty sore. I'm hoping that running a little will workout some of the pain.

Thanks for all that came out and ate dinner with us or walked with or for us. We enjoyed having you there.
We walked the final lap then all went home and took naps!

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