Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still a Little Upset

I am still a bit upset about my disappointing weight loss this week. I really felt like I was going to pull a 4 or 5 this week so less than 2 just hurts my feelings. But I promise I will not dwell on it and just move on and do better next week.

What I came back before today was to tell you even though I was upset I have eaten really good today. I never knew how much I liked to chew my food. Today's food has made me feel a little better. I also get to eat some fruits and veggies for the next two weeks which is making me so happy. I have missed my fruits, I'm not a huge fan of the veggies, I eat them but don't love them.

I have also started getting back to my running. I kinda took a little break from running for a little bit letting my feet heal and once they were better I still didn't get back to it like I should. I enjoy so much and love the way I feel when I'm finished. I love the way each day you can do more and more.

So, hopefully you'll keep coming back to me even though I was kinda cross today. Two weeks left....

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