Monday, May 3, 2010

Time to Get Back to the Grind

Work work work, sorry its taken me so long to get something up but Ive been a busy little girl the last couple of days. Really just yesterday but whatever.

I had to work again last night and I'm not trying to be over dramatic but I think I'm allergic to my night job and this project at the same time. I cannot understand why it is so difficult overnight. From the second I walk in the door till the moment I leave I feel like crap. My stomach starts hurting immediately and my back tightens up. I just don't understand. I come to the office during the days, show houses and I'm fine. I think it has to do with the hours but who really knows.

I am so excited for the next two weeks. I get to eat!!!!!! I have enjoyed the last two days of feeling like there was something in my stomach, even though I was not quite full (and I do miss that sensations so much) I felt like I had more energy and could do more things. At the end of last week I was wiped.

So here's to another long night, followed by office work. Maybe Ill sell something this week. That would be a good week. I would give up food every week just to sell something. Haha.

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