Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Everyone Should Have One Of These

Now this little invention is not new and I know most people have one by now, but if you don't you should go out and get one today.  You can buy them nearly anywhere, solid colors, patterns, covered open, so many options to chose from.  Mine was an Easter gift probably 2 years ago, but as I was cleaning it out today I thought I should just share.

As you can see I have my loaded to the top and I keep everything in this.  It has actually taken the place of my purse most of the time.   And Ill just say I took the dirty sock out before I took the picture!

Its a Good Day

Yesterday when I got off work I went home and got straight into bed.  I don't just barely mean straight, I mean like clothes strewn from the garage door down the hall into the bedroom and laying by the bed.  I plopped my butt down in bed and never checked up again.  I even skipped dinner for sleep.  Well I got up just in time to head off to work.  Once at work I realized we had a crazy busy night ahead of me.  That is good and bad...good because the time flies by and bad because it will wear your body out physically. 

It wasn't until break that I realized that I skipped dinner.  The clue was that my stomach was growling and I could think of 15 things in the vending machine that were exactly what I wanted.  So I got some baked chips to hold me over and decided since I missed my dinner then I should be rewarded with a high calorie breakfast that I hardly ever get to eat.

So on the way home I stopped and got a biscuit from Hardee's.  This is by far my favorite breakfast ever but I never get to eat it.  I'm from the south "Honey" you know I love a biscuit.  Well, I ate this yummy buttery delicious biscuit on the way home and then crawled in bed again.  Right before I went to sleep I could tell I was kinda getting a headache.  This was the same headache that I got a few weeks ago when I forgot to eat dinner that one night.  I thought it would be fine because I just ate and I would go to sleep and it would be all better.

At 9:00, I woke up regretting every single bite of that biscuit.  The yummy buttery turned into greasy hell once it hit my stomach.  It made me sick as a dog.  My belly is just not used to that kind of meal anymore.  That being said, I have been a little relaxed on my food for the last couple of weeks.  Now not crazy eat everything I want but I have been able to eat more calories because of all the miles I have been running.  It has kept me in my 5 lb comfort zone.  (That is 5 lbs +/- my current weight.)  But after the biscuit explosion this morning it makes me want to eat even better than ever so that does not happen again!

So now I am feeling much better and I am kicking it at work today.  Trying to get everything done before my workout class at 5pm.  If not I know I will still get in a good run tonight but I have sure missed my girls at the gym this week.  I love an organized workout class. Ill let you all know if I make it or not.

Once I get home it will be mile after mile after mile tonight with some squats and push-ups in between.  I'm excited to get on the run tonight.  Then after I get clean from all the running and sweat I get to go through some new clothes.  Hopefully, just hopefully, I can find something that will work.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Much Better Today

Ive been at my office today, all day.  My day today has been much better than yesterday.

I got off work really really early today and got the chance to sleep before heading to the office.  And while at work last night I was asked by a manager if I was a runner.  He said I looked like a runner.  It kinda made my night.  I told him I was trying to become one, but I wasn't quite there yet.  Now I have had a wonderfully full day of Real Estate.  And I have one more night until I get two days off.  Can I get a wooo hooo for sleep?

I also had two people offer me some clothes today.  I had decided that I was going to go buy some clothes because it has really gotten ridiculous.  I have gone to wearing a dress or shorts nearly every day and the only bra I have that fits and is not broken is strapless, not the most comfortable!  But I am so excited to get to go through some new clothes.  Hopefully, some of them will work, or at least tie me over for a few more weeks. 

I am a little bit sad today that I don't get to workout again.  I think I'm going to go home and get into bed and try to catch a few Zzzz before work tonight.  I may try to wake up a little bit early and maybe get in a few miles on the treadmill before work but I'm really just not getting stressed out about it.  I will get workouts for the rest of the week.

It will probably be later tomorrow before I get on here tomorrow because I fully intend to SLEEP in the morning.  Every time I plan to sleep I always get a call and an appointment, that's why I am going ahead and announcing it now!

The FatGirl Dictionary

I have been working on this for quite a while and I will say there will probably be some additions to it in the future.  You may want to save this page in your favorites and use it as a reference.  This are common terms used on this blog or directly out of my mouth.  Sometimes people have no idea what I am talking about.  Most of the terms have to do with being fat, and bless their hearts! skinny people will just not understand some of them.  But there are a few in here that can be enjoyed by the masses. I thought it was only fair to let you guys in on some of my terms and there definitions.

Thighitis-  This is a condition that cause by a persons thighs constantly touching...sitting down, standing up, it really doesn't matter if they constantly touch.

The Creep-   This is when a pair of shorts that are too short for someone (probably someone suffering from Thighitis) crawl up between their legs and make a nice little gather at the top of the legs bottom of the toot area.  Very uncomfortable and leaves nothing but skin on the thighs to touch for several inches.  This is one reason it is not ideal for the big girls to wear spandex under regular shorts, the spandex make it to where you cant feel the over shorts and they can be lodged in this position for a while before it is ever known.

The Shift-  When The Creep is beginning, and you can usually feel it, The Shift is a picky little side step that one can do to allow the pants to fall back to there original position before they get completely up your butt.  This has to be done with the greatest of ease for two reasons...1. You don't want anyone to realize what is actually happening so you preform the shift to release the shorts.  2.  If not preformed properly you have to take you hand and drag your shorts from between your thighs and lets just face it...that ain't pretty.

Jiggly Parts-  I think this one is pretty self explanatory....its parts that jiggle!

Under Arm Connector Muscle-  This is a pec muscle that is right across the upper part of the chest.  It feels like the muscle that connects the chest to the bicep.  You really only notice this muscle group after bench presses and push ups.  When it hurts it hurts bad!

The Clap-  This one is my favorite, and there is not a hard body anywhere in the world that has to deal with this one.  The clap is when two sections of fleshy (or flabby) fat or skin are exposed to each other with such force that it causes a clapping sound.  This can happen under the arms against the upper body, the thighs, and even the belly.  This one has actually gotten worse for me since I have lost some weight because I have lots of skin that is flabbier than when it was full of chunk.  Now for the most part this cannot be avoided, but it can be a great motivator.  When I am running and start to get tired and decide that mile 7 just cannot be done, I pick up the pace and get to a nice run.  All of a sudden I am motivated to try harder because my body is giving me my own round of applause!

Cake Baby or Food Baby-  This one really depends on what you have just eaten, but it is when you eat so much that you can push your belly out and look anywhere from 4-13 months pregnant.  This one is popular in my family, we all show off our Food Babies at some time or the other.  This is universal for fat and skinny people.  Some call it bloating, others...Food Baby!

The Divot- This is another one of those conditions that is universal.  This is when your sports bra creates an outline of where it has been on your body.  This can actually become painful if left in one location for too long.  I do not like tight clothes, but my sports bra is really hanging on for dear life most of the time. I wear it tight to keep the girls pressed down. NASA could use the material from my sports bra because it is truly industrial to "hold up" to everything I put it through.

The Wave- This is when you lift your arm to wave at someone and your arm continues to wave back at you for the next 3 minutes.  This is most unfortunate when riding in the car with the window down.  If the wind catches the wave it can last for up to 10 minutes.

"Eat It, Eat It"-  You hear this a lot at the ball park when coaches want the ball players to let a girl on base to hold another runner and keep her from scoring.  In FatGirl terms this is a running commentary in the brain that has to be fought all the time.  Every now and then my commentary is accompanied by music so I get a little entertainment while fighting with my inner fat girl.  So if you ever see me walking down the street dancing, come talk to me and distract my mind, I can only fight it for so long.

The Flank Steak-  The fleshy fat part in the middle of the back and a prime cut of meat.  This can have some roles and can be unsightly under clothes if not properly smoothed out.  I like to wear a cami under my tighter fitting shirts to keep the Flank Steak smooth.  This is another one that has gotten considerably better since the 85lb. weight loss, but it still exists.

The Squish-  When wearing a bathing suit that has a hole cut in the back, Speedo, TYR, etc. the flank steak gets too confined and has to come out somewhere.  Sometimes that has to be the hole in the back of the bathing suit.  This is not a pretty site but cannot be helped, and as an advocate for the big girls I say WEAR YOUR BATHING SUIT WITH PRIDE, Squish and all.  You know there will be someone else wearing a bathing suit less flattering than yours...there always is!

These are just a few of my terms, and I hope you can better understand my language.  I hope you enjoy reading them as I have writing them.  My co-workers think I'm crazy because I have been sitting at my desk laughing as I was typing them out.

I Lost My Marbles

I know I usually never get a chance to post on the weekend and this one was the same as most.  Well I always try to post on Monday, even if I don't have much to say.  Well I'm just going to have to ask for forgiveness for yesterday...but I have an excuse.  I went temporarily insane yesterday.  Granted it was only for a few hours but very much insane.  Like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next Insane.  Let me just tell you about it.

Ill start from the beginning.  I woke up after my 30 minutes of sleep and realized that it indeed was not enough.  My eyes were blood shot and I thought I was going to have to have some sort of device to keep them open.  Well the day started off with a phone call with information I didn't want to hear.  So I got mad almost instantly.  That's healthy by the way, to get furious within 20 minutes of waking up.  They say eat breakfast that soon, but don't get your blood pressure above 190/120!

Then more news I didn't want.  This topped off the first bit of news I got.  And I cried.  Let me just say I don't cry very much.  I went through a spell a year or so ago where I cried pretty regular, commercials, songs, etc.  Just about anything would put me over the top, but since then, not so sad.  Well I cried yesterday and got so torn up that every time I would sit still for a few minutes I would cry again.  When I finally got to the office my eyes looked like...I cant even think of a good analogy to describe them.

So once at the office I cried again (I was just cranked up at this point.)  I closed my door as not to be watched during my sob session.  With a little prayer and decision making I finally got myself pulled together and was able to finish my work day.  The day ended pretty well, showed some property got some work done that had been piling up on my desk.  All in all the afternoon was pretty good.

And just on this note let me just say that I know for the most part food does not make things better, but my piece of cake yesterday afternoon was really a turning  point for me and yes! it did make me feel better.  I try not to use food as a friend or handkerchief but yesterday it worked just fine.

So today, after my additional 30 minutes of sleep I am feeling much better and think I'm ready for the day...but after crying yesterday and no sleep my eyes are a lost cause.  They are blood shot and...well...basically...I look high.  I'M NOT...BUT I LOOK IT!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shameless Plug

Today seems like a good day for a Shameless (and unpaid) Plug.

As we all know I spend a lot of time at the gym, then I usually have to run off to a sporting event or something right after I get done working out. This seems to be year round. Well in the last couple of years I have spent hours with sweat on my face, I would try washing it after working out, using baby wipes to keep my face clean but without any success.

I constantly was having a problem with breakouts, especially around my mouth, probably from using my shirt as a sweat rag. Anyway, I finally decided it was time to try something new to clear up the problem. My sisters have been begging me to try Proactiv for a while and I gave in.

Let me just say this has been one of the best investments for my face that I have ever made. With in days I was able to see a big difference and now after almost a month I can see such a difference. I still have to spend a lot of time with a sweaty face but this product gets it good and clean first thing in the morning and before bed. I have even noticed red spots (not zits) are less.

So for this reason I am officially recommending that you all give this a try if you have the same problem I did. I never had severe acne or anything like that, just constant breakouts around my mouth, but this has been the best help yet.

So Early

I'm trying to do better with the picture thing. What I really need is someone to follow me around and take my picture all the time (I cant think of anything worse). Its hard to take pictures of myself.

I got to my office so early this morning compared to the normal time I get here. I had a great nights sleep, no Target last night and no sleeping in the desk chair, and woke up at 8am to a business call. I love those mornings!!!

So I'm at the office by 9 getting all my stuff together, blogging a little bit and I have come up with a new ab workout that I think you will love. This is how it works.

Put your feet up...this part is really important, next to your phone. Now surf the web, do all the stuff you must do while sitting at your desk, but all with your feet up. Now when the phone rings or you have to make a call, which is what I have been doing all morning, you have to reach the phone. This engages all the muscles in your midsection and also provides a nice hamstring stretch in the process. And every time someone comes into my office I have to pull my feet down really quick, that has to work something too.

Leave it to FatGirl to come up with a workout that requires you to sit with your feet up!!! I LOVE IT!

Im Loving This

As a blogger I read lots of different blogs out there. Some of them do these great little Linky things that I can participate in. Now today it has to do with children activities. You can visit Kelly's Korner for the topic.

Yes I am aware that I do not have children, but I do have 9 nieces and nephews so I know a thing or two about playing with children and keeping them entertained.

Yesterday! That was an activity that was involving children but it was not a stay at home activity. But I can think of one that has really stuck out in my mind.

On holidays I have invited over some of the babies, the ones that wanted to and we bake cookies. The ones that correspond with the holiday that we are celebrating. This involves a little prep work but can be incredibly inexpensive especially once you have built up a little tool kit with food coloring, multi-colored sprinkles, and piping bags. I keep this in my cabinet all the time if we ever need to have a baking day. It can also help if you are not uptight about sprinkles being spilled on carpet. I have no problem with this because I have a good vacuum cleaner.

This could be a great summer activity, make summer cookies. Flip flops, fish, swimming toys, the options are endless. The decorating can take several hours and keep children entertained and can provide a wonderful sweet snack when you move outside to the pool.

The only picture I have as an example are the Halloween cupcakes, but we have done Thanksgiving cookies, snowmen and turkey cupcakes and so many more. You can search ideas online of what you want to make and it will usually give you an ingredients list. These are fun to make and even better to eat.

What do you think about this? The diet and weight loss blog advertising cookies and cupcakes. And I'm proud of it. Everybody needs a cookie every now and then.

Family Fun Day

I just wanted to say thanks for letting me have the day off yesterday. I could have posted last night when I got home but I decided that I was just going to take the entire day off. No work of any kind.

Yesterday was the day (not last Thursday) that my family got to head out to Point Mallard or "Point Allergy" as the little one called it. And it was a blast. Now I'm in my 20's and this is the first time I have ever been to Point Mallard. Apparently I missed out on something when I was younger, but everyone I know went when they were kids. But I know now it can be just as much fun as an adult as it is when you are a kid. Kinda like Disney Land, I enjoyed it way more as an adult than when I was a kid.

I spent a lot of time on the diving boards. I went off the low one about a gajillion times, I went off the high one but I didn't love it very much...lets just be honest, I was too scared to try any tricks off the high one. And I made one daring leap off the platform. Every little scaredy bone in my body wanted to climb back down that ladder but I didn't, I was a big girl and jumped off the platform.

We also played on the slides a little bit, one of them I went down and completely came out of my float, didn't hurt and soooooo fun. The other slide I participated in was the one that looks like a big toilet bowl. I really didn't like this one. You slid for a short time and then rolled around a toilet bowl that scratched your back and then "flushed." I busted when I fell out of the toilet. Basically I waited in line too long to be flushed down the toilet.

I did get a little sunburnt at the park, its not the really red kind that looks horrible but the kind that will tan in a few days but until then it feels like sandpaper. Its bad enough that I have on a strapless bra today and would have on a tube top if I owned one or thought that would ever be appropriate to wear. Just less straps to bother me on my tender skin.

We got home early yesterday evening. I had not planned on working out at all yesterday but when I got home I had all my house stuff done (laundry, cooking, I would say cleaning but I didn't do any of that) by 7:30 so I thought it would be a waist not to do just a few miles. I ran for about 30 minutes last night and did some plyometric work in my living room before finally calling it a night. I am glad I did a little something last night, I always am. Especially since I wont be able to work out at all today.

I hope you all get the chance to take a mini one day vacation. Its incredibly rejuvenating and makes your heart happy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Standard Day

Everybody loves it when I post pictures so here goes...this is my standard day at the office. And yes I have on a dress, its really the only article of clothing that still fits and looks appropriate for the office.

These are hard to come my in my world but I'm having one of those days where there is not much drama...trying to get my work done and get some calls in. Just a Standard day.

I did however get off work this morning early. Nothing makes me happier than that. This morning I got off so early that I actually stayed away for a little bit this morning so I didn't get my internal clock all screwed up. On nights that I don't work I stay up later than usual to keep my body kind of in the same habit, but this was too late to be considered a late bedtime but too early to be a standard night's sleep. Anyway...I got in bed this morning and got a few more hours than I normally do. This has helped me today!

Reasons it has helped me. 1. I tried to return some pants to Goodwill today that didn't fit. They would not take them back because it had been over 14 days. I understand this is a rule, but this is also the store that will take and sell clothing from 1972 so I just didn't understand completely. I had my receipt and everything. I was a little mad but it will be OK. 2. I cannot find this birthday present that I need for tonight. I have been looking for weeks and just can't find the exact right thing. Normally on 2 hours of sleep this would stress me out, but today, it's ok. I'll find it. Just give me a few more hours. 3. Some people just won't call back! But it's OK.

I think that is my theme for today. Maybe I should re-title this post.

I don't have my normal workout tonight, tonight we will be running. And to be quite honest I'm looking forward to it. I didn't get to run last night and I have noticed when I miss a night that I want it more and more the next day. I think I'm also excited about it because I know I will burn off the cake that I eat at the birthday extravaganza tonight. Ohhhhh I love some birthday cake!

Oh and I got my workout from my trainer today. I just love saying that. I have to share with you because it was too funny. I'm not going to give away her workout because she is sweet to send it to me, but I'll make sure you get the good part.

Warm Up
20 Blah blahs (on each side) pretty easy
30 so ons! (kinda getting hard now)
30 of these and those (wow, it just got difficult)
30 shimmy shakes (evil evil woman)
30 death rolls (this is the cool down)
Run for 5 minutes.
"Repeat till you throw up!!!!"

This is what she sent, all I did was change the name of the exercise and put in my own interpretation of the difficulty.

But I have been inspired to try something new since working out with her. After I was so sore from our first workout I thought it might be a good idea to do at least 2 workouts outside each week. Meaning using my own body weight and maybe some things sitting around the yard. This way I will be using new muscles each time. I have been compiling exercises for this and think I can come up with 2 workouts a weeks to do in my own back yard. Hopefully, this will help me see some new results in some new places and those pants that Goodwill wouldn't take back will fit.

I hope you guys are having one of those standard days too, with little drama. I won't be here tomorrow until late if at all. I will not be having a standard day at all. Going out of town on a mini vacation to a water park. So wish me fun and safety. Hope you all have a good one.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazed By My Own Stupidity

It all started last night, I couldn't sleep. I had a little bit of a stomach ache and just couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. I finally went to sleep around 2 am. This morning I woke up a sick headache. I could not for the life of me figure out why my head was hurting so bad, but I actually stayed in bed for a while this morning trying to get rid of my headache. I took pain medicine, which I rarely ever do and tried to sleep a little bit, with no luck. Some of my family has been sick with a stomach virus and I was beginning to think that I was getting it.

I finally got out of bed and just decided to continue on with my day. I really couldn't even think about eating breakfast because my head was hurting so bad. I finally made the decision to eat lunch just because I needed food in my gut.

It was there that the mystery was solved. I ordered my food and as I started eating I realized that I was just starving. I couldn't get the food in my mouth fast enough. I ate my entire lunch and then ate 2 cookies, because I was still hungry. Almost instantly my headache was gone. I put two and two together and realized that I didn't eat anything yesterday after lunch, no supper no snack. No wonder my stomach was hurting last night and my head hurt this morning...duh! I needed food.

It rarely ever happens that this Fat Girl forgets to eat but it never crossed my mind apparently. But now that there is food in my belly I have no more stomach ache and my head feels great. Time to workout!!!! (I was gonna skip it today if my head was still hurting.)

So, advice for the day. EAT ALL YOUR MEALS, it keeps you head and belly from hurting! I know its kinda obvious but we all have our moments I guess.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today I need all your help wishing my wonderful niece a Happy 16th Birthday! I had to go ahead and post the song because it has become my theme song for the last 2 weeks. Sad thing is I only know the first few words in the song.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Got To Give Credit

It somewhat pains me to have to say this but I have to give some credit to the Wal-Mart in my home town. I have been asking for months for them to carry organic varieties of food, and complaining because they didn't. Specifically veggies, meat, and dairy. Well the milk was carried a few months ago. Then came the veggies...they have lots of varieties of organic veggies.

Well tonight I went to grocery shop and they had it...Organic Chicken. I was so excited that I bought 6 chicken breasts. Just in case they stop carrying it anytime soon. So thank you to Wal-Mart who so kindly listened to my request.

So, for those of you out there who live in a small town and don't have an organic grocery store near you, sometimes just asking gets you what you want. I know it is kinda weird to ask but it really works, I'm the perfect example. Now I wont have to drive 30 miles to get my food.

Lady of the Lawn

I finally did it. I mowed the back of my yard. I have been talking about it for a week now and its done. I went ahead and gave myself the title of "Lady of the Lawn" but my friends can just call me Lady. You can't see it in the picture but my cape is pink!

Happy Weekend

I will start by apologizing for not posting at all this weekend. I'm sorry for not posting but there was really nothing I could do about it. I spent the weekend working and sleeping and not much more than that. I never even got to mowing the back of my yard...that's busy. I love a busy Saturday in the Real Estate world but man I was sleepy when I was over but if I can close something I probably wont be that tired anymore.

I got in some good workouts this weekend. I have been kinda letting my weekend workouts slip lately so it felt good to get to workout hard for 2 days. But on the workout front I have to say I'm a little bit sad that Zumba this week has been moved to 8 am. I missed this morning because I had to work last night so maybe, hopefully Thursday morning I will be able to make it. So this afternoon I have no night time workout class which means running running running.

I will go ahead and tell you guys that I am training for a full marathon. I have not decided if I am actually going to run one or not, because I have to train such weird hours and I am not getting all my runs in. I am considering one at the end of the year so I want to be ready if I decided to do it, but like I said I'm not completely committed to the idea yet. So running has kinda taken over the workouts for the last few weeks and hopefully will become more and more part of it in the next few months. I just hope I can find the time to train correctly because I will not participate if I am not ready.

And if I continue to run this much and late at night on the treadmill like I have been doing I am going to have to turn on the air conditioner in my house. It gets way steamy in the house after a good 5-6 mile run.

On that note, I know I should turn on the air in my house but I really find it hard to pay for cool wonderful, clean air in my home when I am only there in 2-3 hour spurts. I don't want it running all the time because I have to pay for it, and if I turn it up when I am gone then it runs even longer when I put it back down to the temp that I want it. I'm taking "heat" (pun intended) from the family to turn it on, so could someone out there please take my side!!!

Ill try to get back to you all again tonight after my run but no promises, I may just crash into the bed.

Thanks for reading...hope you come back!


Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

My sisters turned me on to this blog and I am just enjoying it so much that I thought it was only right for me to participate.

This week I Did Not schedule all my appointments around Thursday so that I could enjoy a family day at Point Mallard (water park) only to find out that the kids were still at VBS and it was actually next week.

I also Did Not find and eat my entire candy stash at my house. I hid it in several different places, just little mini candy bars, so that I wouldn't eat it.

And finally I Did Not oversleep for the night job and knowing that I was going to arrive late still stopped to get a drink. In my defense, I did call to let them know I was on my way.

I so happy I "did not" do any of these things this week.

If you want to play along visit for details on how to play.

Friday, June 18, 2010

So Interesting...

I had a wonderful link sent to me today about The Biggest Loser. One of the contestants from a long time ago on the Biggest Loser, one of the ones that no one remembers, now has some "truthful" things to say about the show.

She talks about how grateful she is that she had the chance to be on the show...and then tells about how it was unhealthy. I have mixed feelings about this whole thing.

Now, I find this show incredibly inspiring, but I don't live my life by it. There are some times that I think the weight cannot possibly be right, or that sometime they are pushed to the absolute limit physically, maybe even through injury. I love to watch them lose 10lbs a week but I don't think this is something my body would be capable of doing in my life. They workout 8-9 hours a day, I work out 2 sometimes 3 hours on a kiss butt day. I expect there to be a big difference in weight. For those of you that watch the show like I do and think you will experience that kind of weight loss, go ahead and give that up.

Then she talks about dehydrating for the scale. I would consider the last chance workout nothing but a dehydration. Many of them wear long sleeves and pants during that workout. What do you think they are doing? Do you think they are cold? They want the smallest amount of water in their body that they can have, that makes the numbers smaller. It may be for ratings...or possibly for the $250K that the winner gets at the end of the season. I'm not even going to lie. If I was put in the situation to win $250K and it was based on weight loss, I would sweat out every ounce in my body to win, then rehydrate!

I think this turned out to be one unhappy contestant that just happened to gain most of her weight back and instead of blaming the one who gained the weight, lets blame the show. There are other contestants that have gained their weight back too, but do you hear them at press conferences bashing the show that helped them lose 100+ pounds.

If you notice a lot of the contestants gain back some weight after they go home and leave the Biggest Loser show, maybe water weight, maybe just relief to be able to eat again. But then you have the ones that have stayed at their weight from the finale, maybe even lost a few more or maybe even gained but are still at a healthy weight. If the show is cruel and unhealthy wouldnt it have the same effect on everyone? (That's a real question)

I wonder if this contestant was told that coffee was a decent meal or if that was one of the things she decided on her on. Give us the whole story if you are going to speak now...Were you told by the trainers and dietitians to only drink coffee for meals?

Then next I have to bash on the Biggest Loser a little bit too here, because they have not responded to Kai yet. If for some reason you are manipulating America and only feeding us partial truths then shame on you. I love this show, and like I said, I am INCREDIBLY inspired by it, (even went to the open casting call) but it would hurt my feelings if I found out that unhealthy practices were given to contestants for ratings sake.

I read the books that are full of great information about diet and exercise. They talk about minimum calories for the day and give reasonable workouts for those of us at home. Is this also what you practice on the show? Or do you put the contestants on 600-800 calories a day to go along with their crazy workout schedule.

I just cant wait for a response from the show.

Here is the video for you guys...go ahead and watch it for yourselves. These are my thoughts on it but I know you have your own. Everything about this just kinda hurt my feelers today.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Thursday, June 17, 2010

These Are My People

I have read in all my diet and exercise books to find a partner or find a friend to go through your weight loss journey. I tried this for so long, I asked tons of people to workout with me but it never seems to fail that when you are trying to get someone to go with, they may not have the same goals as you. They may want to workout less than you or more than you.

If you would like my advise on this topic then your in luck then I'm gonna give it to you. Instead of trying to find someone to go to they gym with you, maybe you should try going to the gym and finding someone there. You'll discover the people who workout the same times you do, and the ones that do similar workouts...and if your lucky you'll make a new friend in the process, and maybe more than one. That being said I have to tell you about My People!!!

This picture was taken after class so we were all sweaty, but I still think we are a cute little crew!

These are my girls. I never knew I would find such good friends at the gym but they have become some of my closest.

Let me tell you about them. One of these women has lost 200 lbs or close too it (an inspiration), one is the Zumba/Pump teacher (I pay to be tortured), one is my Biggest Loser text buddy (and never ruins the ending if I'm watching late). These girls laugh when you make a mistake in class, they don't judge me when my workout clothes smell like my gym shoes. (They bake in the bag with my shoes, I do wash them.) We keep a constant running dialogue on Facebook most of the time about class, life, or anything that we are thinking about that day. They make class fun all the time, no matter how I'm feeling!

They call when I miss a workout to make sure I'm OK, they brag on me when I had an exceptionally good workout, and on a bad workout day they text to make sure I'm feeling OK. These are the people I want on my side.

For the most part I didn't know these people before I started working out. I knew one of them for a long time but only as a teacher at my babies school, and today she brought me fresh beans to class. (Home grown!!!) How sweet is that!

I hope you guys know how much you mean to me!!!! And I hope the rest of you out there can find a group of people to workout with like mine. If they are half as great as mine you wont be sorry.

I'm Losing It

Ok Im not losing it but I am loving the show Losing It. After the first two weeks I wasnt really sure that I was going to like it, well, I liked it but I didnt know if I was going to stay with it. Well this weeks episode really hooked me. I dont know what about it was so great but I just loved it. It made me want to go to the gym right now and lift weights and scream at somebody. I know it sounds crazy but I just got really motivated by it.

Now I am looking so forward to heading to the gym today. I have Zumba and the weights. And after the show I have a few new workouts to put in the mix.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Amazed

There are so many things that I am amazed about tonight.

Just go ahead and start every one of these sentences with "I'm Amazed that..." Ok lets go!

1. there are so many chores to do around the house. I feel like I am doing them every single day. The same ones.

2. the days that I decided to not workout that I end up getting some of the best workouts ever. I'm never planning a non-workout day again.

3. the grass is always growing...and I can never seem to get the entire yard done at one time without rain.

4. my leg hairs grow like my lawn. I'm going to start cutting both of them at the same time.

5. my body can run so many miles.

Ok that is enough of that little game. If it is bothering me I know it has to be annoying you as well.

So now let me tell you about my day. I left work and came home to mow my yard. I got the flower beds weeded and the grass in my drive way poisoned and started mowing. I got the front yard mowed and then the rain came down. So half the yard is done and the other half looks like a rain forest. I hope the tall grass will keep my neighbors dog from pooping in my yard!

I came in after the rain and started cooking dinner. Yummy chicken nachos. I ate a little too much for dinner so I decided to get on the treadmill and walk maybe run a few miles. I was doing quarter mile sprints with quarter mile walks in between. It was a really great workout without getting too exhausted between sprints. Before I knew it I had run 4 miles. I was happy to get off but felt like I could have gone for 10 more miles.

I'm finally off the treadmill, sweaty and smelly, but off and watching The Hills. I know I'm not 17 and this show is for teenagers but it kept my mind occupied while I did all my house work, laundry, and run tonight. Wishing you all happy sleep and Ill see you tomorrow.

I'm Not Hurt

I know that title is shocking because I spend most of my time hurt in some way or the other. Well I have gotten this question a number of times in the last few weeks so I thought I should address.

I have not hurt my arm. Many of you have seen my Body Bugg and thought it was some sort of brace. Its not, I have been wearing it for months but I have just started wearing short sleeves and sleeveless shirts so more people are noticing it now. Mine is actually not the Body Bugg brand, it is the Go Wear Fit by Body Media, but from what I understand they are all made by the same company. If I'm wrong about that I'm sorry Body Bugg People.

This was a wonderful Christmas Present from Santa that has been used nearly every day since Christmas. How many of you can say that about a gift?

The Bugg tracks how many calories I burn during the day, keeps up with my steps taken, the intensity of my workouts, and tells me the quality of my sleep. I input my food and it tells me the total calories consumed and the deficit at the end of each day. A fun and helpful weight loss tool.

You All Rock My World!!!

I love hearing from my readers because I love to find out who you are out there. I try to respond to all the emails I get but some of the really funny or informative ones get a special post about them.

I got my first piece of Fan Mail the other day and I just had to share.

On the inside it says "Dieting was Impossible until I got "the Patch.""

And then a friend emailed me a quote for the day that I just had to post.

I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American. But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic and a progressive religious experience.
If you want to contact me and I hope you will you can send an email to I hope to hear from you.

Clothes Clothes Clothes

I was blessed yet again with a clothing donation. A friend of a friend was having a yard sale and my friend, knowing my horrible clothing situation, snagged me some clothes. This morning I was greeted at the front door with two huge shopping bags full of clothes. I got to go through them this morning but I didn't get to try much on to know what fits yet. But as I was going through the clothes this blog post nearly wrote itself.

Today class we are going to talk about FatGirl fashion...

Everyday Clothes

This is one of those things I like to rant about when I'm out with my family and friends so I thought I would share. For starters, there are clothing brands out there that sell clothing in sizes greater than a size 16. And I promise you, from experience, that just because the size says 14 or 16 or 22 that does not necessarily mean that is what size you are. I can fit my big ol butt into a pair of pants that says 14, but guess what....when I wear these I have a muffin top (the fat that squishes over the waist band giving the look of a muffin over the edge of the paper) and a chaffing problem and a constant wedgie. IT'S NOT CUTE!!! I wear pants that fit...right now I am in any size from a 16 to a 20. When the 16 fits it makes me feel like I am skinner but I know they may just be cut differently than the pair of 20's that are hanging in my closet.

I think Lane Bryant clothes fit me the best, and since I'm sharing, I have always wanted to model their clothes. That's how good they fit my body. Most everything in my closet is from there. Even back when I was able to shop at stores like the Gap and Old Navy etc. I always gravitated back to Lane Bryant because the cut worked for me. There are plenty of other stores that sell plus size clothing that is fashionable. Guess What???? Fat Girls don't have to wear Moo Moos anymore or dress like their grandmothers. The Avenue, Target, Dress Barn, and Old Navy and the list goes on and on all carry stylish plus size clothing. (By the way, none of these stores are paying me to talk about them)

Next, we shall move on to bras. Let me preface this one and only bra had an unfortunate incident this week with the washer. I don't dry my bras but the spin cycle was not kind to the bra. When I pulled it out of the wash the under wire was completely out and tangled in a pair of workout shorts.

This is one of those articles of clothing that most people buy in the wrong size and it can really ruin an outfit if the boobs look funny underneath. Now you can find just about any bra size in the world. My bra is for big girls but most of the time when your 42 around the D cup comes naturally. That being said my bra is a standard carried at Lane Bryant and other plus size stores that have lingerie. The brand I wear is called Cacique. Most stores that sell bras, I know Lane Bryant does this, will measure you and fit you in the correct bra size. It only takes a second and it can make you look and feel like a million bucks. Now I can! (see above) have a normal nude colored bra and a leopard print bra and the panties that match.

WorkOut Clothes

This is the part that I am kinda passionate about. I spend more of my day in these clothes than regular clothes. Now I have told you all for the past few weeks that my clothes don't match, and they don't...but what I want to talk about for working out is the necessities not so much the look, but we will get to that too.

Bras: This one goes first in my workout section because as a FatGirl this is one of the most important parts of my workout wear. I have spent probably $200 in sports bras just trying to find the one that works best for me. I prefer my boobs not to move when I work out. My girls are big and it hurts if they start bopping around. I just love the Danskin Now line that Wal-Mart is now carrying. These bra have been the best for me, so much so that I now have more than 2 sports bras. I bought them in every color they had in my size. Let me just tell you about them.

I wear two bras, a regular sports bra and a bra tank. The sports bra is a t-back bra that is made out of spandex material. There is nothing really special about it other than it keeps my chest still while jumping, running, spinning, stretching, and everything in between. I buy a high impact sports bra...yes they come in grades. Make sure you are buying one that is for your activity level. I could wear one with lesser support on weight days, but this one works all the time and saves me money on bras that I can only wear 3 days a week.

Over that is the best creation that has ever been invented. Its a tank top with a bra built in. This little creation is not new, but its new to me. The bra in this tank does not have enough support for me to wear alone, but when I pair it with the other bra it is magical. The under bra holds the boobs and the tank holds everything else. It keeps all my jiggly parts from flapping all over the place while I am trying to concentrate on dancing.
These little guys are tight but worth it.

I'm not comfortable wearing this little tank by itself yet, I'm still a little to buldgy for that so I wear a t-shirt over it. But some of the girls that I workout with wear them by themselves and they look just fine. And they wonderful people at Danskin have made the new ones a little bit longer so they don't ride up. Wonderful Wonderful Little Invention!!!!

Shorts or Bottoms: I have been a long time hater of spandex shorts or pants but I have actually become a little more relax on this topic. I have thighitis. May not be a real thing but that's what I like to call it. My thighs touch when I walk and rub together. Actually my thighs touch when I'm standing still. Well spandex really helps when working out to keep your thighs from rubbing raw. That being said they are still not my favorite for working out. If I wear them I try not to wear the ones that are super short. There is no reason for people to see that much of me. I am a fan of the Capri length pants. I also have a pair of the long ones that zip at the bottom. They are perfect for running in the cold. I like the Danskin Now brand of these as well as the C9 brand that is sold at Target.

My favorite pants to workout in are mesh shorts that come to the top of my knee. There are very few times that I think I need the shorty short shorts that don't cover my butt. I actually have a problem with these shorts in general. I get mad when stores or brands don't come in a XL or XXL but some shorts need to be stopped at a M. These little running shorts are cute but they have a weight limit. I didn't know if you were aware of that or not. The max weight is 150lbs. If you exceed that save your money because they are not cute. Actually, look below....
You need to get this in your mind really really good. If you put on your shorts and your legs don't look like this then your shorts are too short. Go buy some longer ones and try again with the tiny ones after a few more pounds.

Sorry I know this may be harsh but sometimes your friends wont tell you the truth because they don't want to hurt your feelings so I will.

Shoes: As we all know I have not found the best shoes ever. So this section I will have to offer advice that has been given to me by others. Some people are able to walk into a store and buy any shoes and they work great. I have not had this luck so far. I have been told to go to Fleet Feet and have some shoes fitted to my feet. Everyone that I have spoken to loves their shoes. There are places everywhere that do this but Fleet Feet is the one close to me. Try to find someone to fit them to you....I will let you all know when I get this done, I'm really looking forward to it.

Accessories: These are those trivial things that don't really matter as far as performance but they make a huge difference to me. I used to use bobby pins to hold my hair back while working out. These work fine but sometimes they will poke your head or if you have a mop on your head (like me) they will get tangled up and stuck in your hair. Then I found these little gyms that actually work. They are those little headbands that wrap around your head. But don't be fooled. I have tried these before and had no luck because they always slipped off. These new ones that I have have little grippers on them that keep them in place.The watch: I finally got a new watch to wear for working out. I had one of those really cool heart rate monitor watches that broke and it made me realize why I don't spend really good money on anything anymore. Cause it all breaks anyway. I bought a really cheap watch this time and it has become my favorite. So don't spend good money on this, pay $5 and get a new one when it breaks.

Sunglasses: I found a great pair of sunglasses not to long ago at Target. They are also C9 Champion brand. I have really enjoyed them. I have been running more outside and the glasses are almost necessary. I get a headache in the sun so these have been a nice addition. They make me look like a bug but I don't really care what I look like especially at mile 5 or 6!

Like I said before I get really upset when clothing store, especially workout stores, don't sell plus size workout clothes. Really?!?!?!? Do they think the little skinny girls really need to have more places to find clothing, no, but big girls need all the help we can get. Why would you not sell the sizes for the people that need to be working out the most. Come on people sell a XXL every now and then, we need it and want it.

I think that is all the advice that I have as far as clothing goes. As we all know I have tons of other advice to give but most of it is not relevant to FatGirl. But just give me time I will find a way to fit it in.

Trying Some New Things

I have been playing on my blog all night long and this is the first time I have actually posted anything. I have been adding some new things to my sidebar. Of course there are the Twitter and Facebook pages but now you can click to follow me and get you cute little picture put up on my page.

You probably noticed if you are a regular reader that the background has changed. If you are just checking my page out for the first time, I hope you like it and it probably doesn't look that weird! I thought it was only fitting to put jelly beans back there since I never get to eat them. Now I can look at them every day. If I start craving them I might have to change that photo again.

I am hoping to have a few more things added in the couple of weeks so I hope you are looking forward to the changes as much as I am.

I have been sitting on my couch for about an hour with my laptop on my lap and now I have sweaty thighs. Go figure 110 degrees in the house and a hot computer on my legs. You would think I would know better by now. You would also think that working up a good sweat would mean calories burned but I don't think so since Ive been pretty much lethargic all night.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pictures from Run for Ella

Most of these pictures are of me and general pictures because I don't really like to post pictures of other people unless I ask them first.

And they're off!

This was the opening half mile in and the final half mile in this open field, the rest was in the woods.

I'm not a huge fan of having my picture taken, what I know from this picture,
1. It was early in the race because my knee brace is still on and I still had enough energy to raise my hands above my head.
2. I saw a camera and made a stupid pose and weird face....that's my classic "there's a camera in my face position"

This is the water station that one of my friends busted his butt. That rock was very slick from all the water that had been dropped.

Like I said in the last post I didn't take these pictures but pulled them off the Internet at various spots. I hope you enjoy.

Im Still Here, Just Really Really BUSY

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to post but I really have been that busy. I have had a full weekend of work and events and every moment I get to sit down I have taken advantage of sleep. I am finally still for the next hour so I thought I would let y'all know that I am still blogging just in case you thought I had forgotten you all together.

I really don't have all that much to tell you. I have been trying to get my workouts in this weekend as best as I could with all the stuff I had going on. Of course I ran the Run for Ella on Saturday morning and considered that my workout for Saturday and Sunday. Then Zumba yesterday. It was probably not my best Zumba class considering that I was exhausted but I did go and work as hard as I could. I got some good quality sleep today so hopefully Zumba will be more fun this afternoon. Then I am getting to my running tonight. I have missed that the last couple of days.

I had to work last night and by the end of the night my feet were hurting sooooo bad. I have been on them since Friday...I understand why they were hurting. But again, good sleep this morning healed all my pains.

There were some pictures posted after the run on Saturday so I was going to share some of them with you. One of them I am leaving off intentionally because it is awful, but some were pretty cool pictures. I will go ahead and put them in a new post. I think it is pretty cool when there are pictures during a run because of course I cant take pictures while running. I'm actually the worst at trying to get pictures to remember the moment (hence never any pictures with post.)

Ill try to get back with y'all again today or tomorrow and try to not leave you hanging for too long again.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Great and Hot Day

My day started off really early this morning and after not getting any sleep the night before I was worried I would not be able to keep up, but after a good power nap I powered through.

This morning was the Run for Ella. It was really hot but early enough not to be miserable. I ran this years race in 3 minutes faster than last and felt so much better once it was done. I was really happy with my time this year. The entire race seemed easier, which either means I'm in much better shape or the trail was easier this year. Either way, HAPPY!

Now for some fun stuff about the race. I had so many of you let me know during the race that you were reading my blog. You know who you are out there. I am so happy you are reading and was happy to see you running out there today. Im not going to put your names cause some people dont like to be identified online.

Next and one of my favorites. As I would approach someone and get ready to pass they would glance back, and the majority of people would see a fat girl coming up to them and they were not going to let me pass them. ("I'm not going to get beat by a fat girl") I got tickled most by this because I knew I was going to pass them one way or the other. I know I can keep my pace. I have never noticed this before but I actually laughed out loud at one point. There was one girl that was not going to let me pass if it killed her.

And finally, I beat a friend who beats me in every single race I run in. So- she was running with her daughter, dont care!!! A W is a W! Love goes out to you, sorry I had to win. Ha Ha!

I think starting my day off hot made the entire race hotter than it actually was. I had an appointment this afternoon and I soaked my shirt with sweat. That was a little embarrassing to say the least. No more white shirts on 100 degree days. Then ballgames, and more sweat. I finally had to get in the pool to cool off a little bit. I have showered 3 times today and changed clothes at least 4 if not more. I just don't want to be nasty anymore.

I am finally fixing to call it a night, too many hours going hard, only 2 hours of sleep...I need to visit my bed. Oh and I got a new mattress tonight, THANK Y'ALL! My old mattress was really needing to be replaced. It had a nice little dent in the middle from the 300 lb girl that has been sleeping on it for the last 10 years. And pillow top, I am going to sleep soooooo good.

Hope y'all sleep as well as I hope I will tonight.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Much Better Now

Thanks for listening to me rant a little today, but my Zumba class made it all better. When I first got to the gym I was still a little ornery. I think swimming lesson time of the year is like New Years in June. There is a huge influx of people at the gym and you know they are only going to be there for a few months and they kinda get in the way of the regulars. I had to change clothes in the bathroom because I don't feel comfortable changing in front of little boys in the girls locker room and after 3 days this week of just that I decided to just go else where.

I know, still complaining, but as soon as my class got started I got to feeling much better instantly. I was dancing hard and my legs were keeping up with me. It was a great workout and I think that's just what I needed to cure my mood for the day.

Then I got to spend the rest of the night with my family going to ballgames. It was nice to see them, yes, I see them most everyday but it was great to get to see them tonight since my day was kinda sucky.

So now I'm feeling much better and happy to come back to you and thank you for reading and also apologize for being kind of a sour puss this morning. But sometimes it makes you feel better just to say things out loud.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Remember a few days ago when I told you about the green monster of jealously getting on me about people who workout in cute little outfits with makeup on and don't sweat or look hot at all. Well, today my teacher was all cute (again!) and I was there in my tank top and mesh shorts. But when I got to the ballpark my sister told me my outfit matched. YEAH!!!!! I had on a matching outfit, now granted it wasn't really cute and I was a sweaty mess by the time I got home, but I MATCHED!!!!!!!!! Progress people, progress.

Hope you have a good night, sleep tight peeps.

Run for Ella

Don't forget this weekend is the Run for Ella: Benefiting Jules Mayes. I hope you will all come out and run with us. Or walk, I will probably be doing a lot of walking on this trail.

Just One of Those Days

This is the kinda day I'm having...I'm in a really good mood, really, but also having one of those days where people are getting on my nerves really easily. I have argued with some people today, just plain mad at one, but the rest I'm good with. Ive even kissed a little butt today. I kinda want the work day to be over so my mind can relax just a little bit. I'm worried I'm going to kiss one butt that I'm mad at and chew one that I'm trying to kiss. (IM SOOOO CONFUSED!) I just seem to be annoyed with the littlest things today. Anyway....

Im still working on my newest project but I'm not sure that it will work or exactly what angle I am trying to take. Just still confused about it. Im thinking about doing the gastric bypass thing again. I had a lot of success with it.

I have finally gotten over the soreness in my legs. It was pretty bad over the weekend and better this week but still a little tender, but now I'm back to normal. I was beginning to think they would never get well and that permanent damage (you already knew I was a little bit dramatic) had been done. But I think those new exercise were just the thing I needed.

Ill go ahead and admit that my eating has not been the greatest this week. I have forgotten to pack my lunch the last couple of days so I have been eating out. And then the fat girl in my head says "Well you ate out for lunch go ahead and eat out for dinner tonight and then do better tomorrow." I'm trying to have a doctor remove her but all are reluctant to take the fat girl out of me...

So I am struggling a little bit today and this week. Just having one of those days....

I'm looking forward to Zumba tonight. That always seems to put me in a good mood and gets the endorphins flowing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Experiment

I am working on a new experiment...I have been brainstorming for a few weeks and last night I decided to do it. Its nothing as drastic as the Gastric Bypass but still hopefully it will be interesting. Before I can start I need you to share some info with me. One survey question and please only answer once and any answer goes (no multiple choice here.)


You can respond in a couple of ways. Comment here, or go to the Fat Girl to Thin facebook page. If you don't want to do it publicly then you can email me at

I hope you will all send in your answers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily Ranting

By the emails Ive been getting I know you want me to post more, and well...if I could stay away from the pool I would probably post more. I have worked 3 or the last 4 nights so I have really been trying to catch up in the day sleeping. So that being said I'm sorry I haven't posted much.

I have wonderful news...

This weekend I participated in the Cornhole Grand Championship of the World. For those of you who don't know this is a game where you stand so far away from a board and throw a bean bag in a hole. Well my team was getting drilled in the pre-game but when it came to the main event we pulled it out. I have a 5 member team, most just have 4, but one of mine will be on maternity leave soon.

So anyone out there looking to sponsor a incredibly great Cornhole team with a World Championship under our belts we are taking offers. And from what I hear from my team we would possibly like a restaurant to sponsor us so they could also feed us. Very important.

As far as my diet and exercise has been going....well my working out has been a little light this week so far, due to all the sleep and swimming. And I'm still getting my legs back under me from being sore over the weekend. My diet has stayed pretty much consistent. I have allowed some of my favorites in my diet again but still trying to stay to the smaller portions.

I'm ready, so so so ready to hit the 100 lb mark. Once I get there it will be off to the next thing. And trust me, when I get there you will all know it. You can check the blog or simply listen closely because you might hear me shouting for joy.

Check back with me...Ill do better posting.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Questions Answered?

Ive gotten a couple of emails asking what is Zumba? I know I talk about it a lot but it is one of my favorite workouts so here goes. Its a type of Latin, Hip Hop dance class. I dont really know how to explain so just watch the video.

Weekend Update with....Me

Sorry I haven't posted much this weekend...I have really been having a good time outside and haven't been near a computer.

I know you all are wanting to know how my workout went on Friday. Well it went really good. Lots of new workouts that I had never done before and some that I have but either way, it was good to learn new ones to put into my routine. And I am sore from the workout so I figure I'm using muscles that I haven't used in a while.

I guess its good to be sore but I really feel like Ive been sore for like years now.

The rest of my weekend has been pretty uneventful. Worked on Friday night and games on Saturday followed by some swimming. I always need to do some swimming.

Ill be working again tonight so I think Ill be sleeping the rest of the day.....

Hopefully my sore legs will let me get some rest.

Check back in tomorrow.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ok, I had the intention of running and like my mom says, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Well (excuse) I got home about 15 minutes ago from a ballgame that started at 8. Longest game ever, but who cares when you WIN!!!! I do love to win, and I don't even play.

That being said, I'm not going to start my run at 11. That is just one of those days where you have to take life and go with it. No need to panic, Ill make up those miles. And after the crazy good workout I got in Zumba tonight I think Ill be just fine.

Right now I need to be in bed catching my Zzzzz but I have to get everything together for tomorrow...another busy day. I'm working out in the morning, OUTSIDE, and I am really looking forward to it. Bring it on!

Ill let you all know how it goes tomorrow. Maybe just by the shear volume of sweat Ill lose like a gazillion lbs. Is there any truth to the rumor that the better shape you are in the more you sweat? Right now I'm so focused on losing 100lbs. that I cannot really even focus on anything else. Maybe tomorrow will help with the new goal.

Tips That Help Me

You can take them or leave them but here are a few tricks and tips that have helped me with my weight loss so far. If one of them helps you then my part is done. Hopefully you can use some of these too.

1. I don't eat off of a regular dinner plate. The salad plate holds all the food I need and a one serving bowl if I am out to dinner does even better.

2. I don't like egg whites alone but love the benefits of them. I use 2 egg whites and one full egg for an omelet in the mornings and it gives me more flavor and the ability to swallow.

3. I think salad is gross. Easy as that, but I find that if I finely chop spinach and putt it in other things like spaghetti sauce helps me get my veggies in without having to choke down a salad.

4. I don't watch TV by sitting on the couch. I watch from my treadmill. I still get to watch most of my shows and burn a few calories in the process.

5. I treat diet drinks like a prize. For the most part I don't drink Diet Cokes anymore. Mostly water for me. But if I have had a good day or bad day or anything in between I enjoy a Diet Coke. I try not to use food as a reward.

6. I have discovered that completely cutting yourself off from a food you love will never work out well for long. I eat chocolate nearly everyday, but not an entire candy bar but rather a Hershey's Kiss or mini York peppermint patty. It keeps me from going crazy like I have in the past and eating 3 candy bars when I just cant stand not to have it anymore.

7. If you cant resist it, don't buy it. A few years back I made a list of foods that I didn't like so I stopped eating them. BBQ was on this list for me. Well now there is a new list. I know I cannot have potato chips or peanut butter in my house. No matter what I do or the willpower I think I have I cannot resist these 2 foods. So, I DON'T BUY THEM! If I'm at Subway, I get chips and a drink but not at home.

8. It is not an option for my life to stop so that I can be on a diet. Sometimes eating out on the spur of the moment is part of that. I have newly discovered that you can order your food in a to go box(this was learned during the gastric experiment) and eat what you want and take the rest with you. That way you can enjoy something you didn't have to cook twice. If you are like will never eat the left overs so basically you just didn't over eat at the restaurant. It feels good to leave satisfied and not stuffed.

9. It is OK to throw away food. Yes, there are starving children all over the world, but me eating all the food on my plate does not help them at all. Being overweight does not help the starving children either. If you are full, you are full, throw the food away. It's ok I promise.

10. Make an honest list of the reasons you want to lose weight. I have one taped to the back of my closet door. Mine has a lot of reasons on it. For example, one of mine is "to not end up with weight related health issues" and another one is "to have an article of clothing that has a single digit size" They are on 2 different ends of the spectrum but they are both real honest reasons I want to lose weight.

11. Keep one article of clothing that doesn't fit anymore. I have a pair of pants that hang in my closet that don't fit anymore. I have them for one single thing. When I get discouraged because the weight is just not coming off or I feel fat for the day. (This happens every now and then. Its hard to still be overweight when you've lost 80 some odd pounds.) I put these pants on and trot around in front of the mirror. It helps me put things into perspective. There is more to go but how far have you made it so far....

I hope these little tips can help you in some way or the other. Maybe they just make you laugh a little bit...but either way they work for me and I hope they help you out a little bit too.

Relay for Life "The Mystery"

I think I finally figured out why I was sore from Relay for Life. I know this was last month and all but I just got some of the pictures emailed to me and I think I figured it out.

See I told y'all I could dance!

Last Night

Well I did actually ditch my run last night for the chance to clean out my closet. I wish I had decided before 9:30 to not run because I could have taken my shoes off. I find that when I take them off it is almost impossible to get them back on.

Cleaning the closet was actually a sad and happy thing all at the same time. It was great to be able to try on clothes and have them not fit any part of my body, but the reality set it when I got done. I have more empty hangers hanging in my closet than I do clothes. (I will try to remember to put a picture. I am going to have to run to the goodwill soon and try to find something to cover my body that looks nice enough to wear to work. I think work is getting tired of my khaki shorts!

And for all of you out there that are stalking me on my facebook page. Yes! Tomorrow I will be working out with April. I am really looking forward to the workout, not so much looking forward to the heat. As we all know I don't love the heat! But Friday is the one day I don't kill myself to get to the gym so I'm excited I could go ahead and fill that day in as well. WHO NEEDS REST?

I have Zumba tonight, then off to the ballpark, then the treadmill. Yes I will run tonight especially since I flaked out last night. I hope to be back to you again today but no promises. It will just depend on when I get finished with everything tonight.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Losing It...Its Going To Be A Big Success

It may only be a success with me but I love it. I may love it mostly because last night they just proved that Gastric may not be the best idea ever. The family that they followed this week had 2 members of the family that have had Gastric Bypass one successfully with weight loss and one not so much. But even the one who was successful still had the fat girl issues that she had even when she was fat.

Anyway, I got some good quality time watching Jillian kicking some butt and training others. Because I'm sure Jillian reads my blog (because I am delusional in my own head.) If you want to come to Tennessee -I'll be ready for you!!!!!

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where there is soooo much to do and never enough hours? That is how my day feels today. I have been running tons of errands today and man I'm finally done long enough to sit for a minute.

Fist off let me just freaking hot is it outside today. At about 11 o'clock today it just became a heat wave. Now, I chose not to turn on my air conditioner in my house or car because, basically I'm cheap. But I didn't complain much about how cold I was over the winter (no heat either) because I fulling intended on complaining about the heat in the summer. But I will promise you that I will not complain about the heat in my house because I chose not to turn on the air. However, I may mention the heat, but no complaining. If I fail at this you can call me out.

I have to workout today at 5 and then I get the night off. I will be running tonight inside the hot house! I have really gotten into the habit of running on the treadmill at night. It makes me sleep better and feel better to finish my day off with a few miles.

My body just really cannot handle getting up early to run as much as I would like to, so I run late at night. It helps with those days that I have to work too. So here's to running like crazy at 11:00pm. I will also share that I run at night in outfits that are really not appropriate. I think my neighbors really want me to close my blinds.

Really, when we get down to it all of my workout outfits are really not cute. I always wanted to be one of those people that looks cute and all put together when I workout but really none of my clothes ever match and I'm sopping wet from head to toe. To the people who make fun of my clothes (you know who you are) I'm going to try to do better, TOMORROW!

WOW! I know my mind just went about 50 different directions at once but that is how my entire day has been so I thought I would share the madness in my head.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Before and Afters

I have been trying to get my before and after pictures together for the blog but I just cant seem to make it work so you have to look at the pictures separately. I was hoping to have them side by side. Anyway, I have two sets of pictures for you, one is the before and after the Pseudo Gastric Bypass and the other is the overall weight loss.

These are just for you!Enjoy


I have no idea why there is a picture of me from behind. Not my best angle.


Then we have the before/after picture of the entire process.

This one was about 2 years ago, maybe a little less than that, but close enough.

Same picture again. I love when photo day is on Sunday, that means I have on a dress!

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