Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazed By My Own Stupidity

It all started last night, I couldn't sleep. I had a little bit of a stomach ache and just couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. I finally went to sleep around 2 am. This morning I woke up a sick headache. I could not for the life of me figure out why my head was hurting so bad, but I actually stayed in bed for a while this morning trying to get rid of my headache. I took pain medicine, which I rarely ever do and tried to sleep a little bit, with no luck. Some of my family has been sick with a stomach virus and I was beginning to think that I was getting it.

I finally got out of bed and just decided to continue on with my day. I really couldn't even think about eating breakfast because my head was hurting so bad. I finally made the decision to eat lunch just because I needed food in my gut.

It was there that the mystery was solved. I ordered my food and as I started eating I realized that I was just starving. I couldn't get the food in my mouth fast enough. I ate my entire lunch and then ate 2 cookies, because I was still hungry. Almost instantly my headache was gone. I put two and two together and realized that I didn't eat anything yesterday after lunch, no supper no snack. No wonder my stomach was hurting last night and my head hurt this morning...duh! I needed food.

It rarely ever happens that this Fat Girl forgets to eat but it never crossed my mind apparently. But now that there is food in my belly I have no more stomach ache and my head feels great. Time to workout!!!! (I was gonna skip it today if my head was still hurting.)

So, advice for the day. EAT ALL YOUR MEALS, it keeps you head and belly from hurting! I know its kinda obvious but we all have our moments I guess.


Marla Logan said...

Just to let you know I still follow your blog. I hop on about every 2 days. I enjoy so much the journey you are on and all your post! Keep up the good work. I can really see it happening for you in your pics!
Marla Logan

Anonymous said...

Emily....I think you are using the slang to your blog name almost a little too pushy. It's okay to have a motivation to push yourself but....also how about a little evolution in the name. instead of fat-girl....call yourself soon to be at a healthy weight girl(sounds too long but....ya see what I mean though?) but please don't starve yourself if that has EVER crossed your mind. Rome wasn't built in a year. :)

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