Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clothes Clothes Clothes

I was blessed yet again with a clothing donation. A friend of a friend was having a yard sale and my friend, knowing my horrible clothing situation, snagged me some clothes. This morning I was greeted at the front door with two huge shopping bags full of clothes. I got to go through them this morning but I didn't get to try much on to know what fits yet. But as I was going through the clothes this blog post nearly wrote itself.

Today class we are going to talk about FatGirl fashion...

Everyday Clothes

This is one of those things I like to rant about when I'm out with my family and friends so I thought I would share. For starters, there are clothing brands out there that sell clothing in sizes greater than a size 16. And I promise you, from experience, that just because the size says 14 or 16 or 22 that does not necessarily mean that is what size you are. I can fit my big ol butt into a pair of pants that says 14, but guess what....when I wear these I have a muffin top (the fat that squishes over the waist band giving the look of a muffin over the edge of the paper) and a chaffing problem and a constant wedgie. IT'S NOT CUTE!!! I wear pants that fit...right now I am in any size from a 16 to a 20. When the 16 fits it makes me feel like I am skinner but I know they may just be cut differently than the pair of 20's that are hanging in my closet.

I think Lane Bryant clothes fit me the best, and since I'm sharing, I have always wanted to model their clothes. That's how good they fit my body. Most everything in my closet is from there. Even back when I was able to shop at stores like the Gap and Old Navy etc. I always gravitated back to Lane Bryant because the cut worked for me. There are plenty of other stores that sell plus size clothing that is fashionable. Guess What???? Fat Girls don't have to wear Moo Moos anymore or dress like their grandmothers. The Avenue, Target, Dress Barn, and Old Navy and the list goes on and on all carry stylish plus size clothing. (By the way, none of these stores are paying me to talk about them)

Next, we shall move on to bras. Let me preface this one and only bra had an unfortunate incident this week with the washer. I don't dry my bras but the spin cycle was not kind to the bra. When I pulled it out of the wash the under wire was completely out and tangled in a pair of workout shorts.

This is one of those articles of clothing that most people buy in the wrong size and it can really ruin an outfit if the boobs look funny underneath. Now you can find just about any bra size in the world. My bra is for big girls but most of the time when your 42 around the D cup comes naturally. That being said my bra is a standard carried at Lane Bryant and other plus size stores that have lingerie. The brand I wear is called Cacique. Most stores that sell bras, I know Lane Bryant does this, will measure you and fit you in the correct bra size. It only takes a second and it can make you look and feel like a million bucks. Now I can! (see above) have a normal nude colored bra and a leopard print bra and the panties that match.

WorkOut Clothes

This is the part that I am kinda passionate about. I spend more of my day in these clothes than regular clothes. Now I have told you all for the past few weeks that my clothes don't match, and they don't...but what I want to talk about for working out is the necessities not so much the look, but we will get to that too.

Bras: This one goes first in my workout section because as a FatGirl this is one of the most important parts of my workout wear. I have spent probably $200 in sports bras just trying to find the one that works best for me. I prefer my boobs not to move when I work out. My girls are big and it hurts if they start bopping around. I just love the Danskin Now line that Wal-Mart is now carrying. These bra have been the best for me, so much so that I now have more than 2 sports bras. I bought them in every color they had in my size. Let me just tell you about them.

I wear two bras, a regular sports bra and a bra tank. The sports bra is a t-back bra that is made out of spandex material. There is nothing really special about it other than it keeps my chest still while jumping, running, spinning, stretching, and everything in between. I buy a high impact sports bra...yes they come in grades. Make sure you are buying one that is for your activity level. I could wear one with lesser support on weight days, but this one works all the time and saves me money on bras that I can only wear 3 days a week.

Over that is the best creation that has ever been invented. Its a tank top with a bra built in. This little creation is not new, but its new to me. The bra in this tank does not have enough support for me to wear alone, but when I pair it with the other bra it is magical. The under bra holds the boobs and the tank holds everything else. It keeps all my jiggly parts from flapping all over the place while I am trying to concentrate on dancing.
These little guys are tight but worth it.

I'm not comfortable wearing this little tank by itself yet, I'm still a little to buldgy for that so I wear a t-shirt over it. But some of the girls that I workout with wear them by themselves and they look just fine. And they wonderful people at Danskin have made the new ones a little bit longer so they don't ride up. Wonderful Wonderful Little Invention!!!!

Shorts or Bottoms: I have been a long time hater of spandex shorts or pants but I have actually become a little more relax on this topic. I have thighitis. May not be a real thing but that's what I like to call it. My thighs touch when I walk and rub together. Actually my thighs touch when I'm standing still. Well spandex really helps when working out to keep your thighs from rubbing raw. That being said they are still not my favorite for working out. If I wear them I try not to wear the ones that are super short. There is no reason for people to see that much of me. I am a fan of the Capri length pants. I also have a pair of the long ones that zip at the bottom. They are perfect for running in the cold. I like the Danskin Now brand of these as well as the C9 brand that is sold at Target.

My favorite pants to workout in are mesh shorts that come to the top of my knee. There are very few times that I think I need the shorty short shorts that don't cover my butt. I actually have a problem with these shorts in general. I get mad when stores or brands don't come in a XL or XXL but some shorts need to be stopped at a M. These little running shorts are cute but they have a weight limit. I didn't know if you were aware of that or not. The max weight is 150lbs. If you exceed that save your money because they are not cute. Actually, look below....
You need to get this in your mind really really good. If you put on your shorts and your legs don't look like this then your shorts are too short. Go buy some longer ones and try again with the tiny ones after a few more pounds.

Sorry I know this may be harsh but sometimes your friends wont tell you the truth because they don't want to hurt your feelings so I will.

Shoes: As we all know I have not found the best shoes ever. So this section I will have to offer advice that has been given to me by others. Some people are able to walk into a store and buy any shoes and they work great. I have not had this luck so far. I have been told to go to Fleet Feet and have some shoes fitted to my feet. Everyone that I have spoken to loves their shoes. There are places everywhere that do this but Fleet Feet is the one close to me. Try to find someone to fit them to you....I will let you all know when I get this done, I'm really looking forward to it.

Accessories: These are those trivial things that don't really matter as far as performance but they make a huge difference to me. I used to use bobby pins to hold my hair back while working out. These work fine but sometimes they will poke your head or if you have a mop on your head (like me) they will get tangled up and stuck in your hair. Then I found these little gyms that actually work. They are those little headbands that wrap around your head. But don't be fooled. I have tried these before and had no luck because they always slipped off. These new ones that I have have little grippers on them that keep them in place.The watch: I finally got a new watch to wear for working out. I had one of those really cool heart rate monitor watches that broke and it made me realize why I don't spend really good money on anything anymore. Cause it all breaks anyway. I bought a really cheap watch this time and it has become my favorite. So don't spend good money on this, pay $5 and get a new one when it breaks.

Sunglasses: I found a great pair of sunglasses not to long ago at Target. They are also C9 Champion brand. I have really enjoyed them. I have been running more outside and the glasses are almost necessary. I get a headache in the sun so these have been a nice addition. They make me look like a bug but I don't really care what I look like especially at mile 5 or 6!

Like I said before I get really upset when clothing store, especially workout stores, don't sell plus size workout clothes. Really?!?!?!? Do they think the little skinny girls really need to have more places to find clothing, no, but big girls need all the help we can get. Why would you not sell the sizes for the people that need to be working out the most. Come on people sell a XXL every now and then, we need it and want it.

I think that is all the advice that I have as far as clothing goes. As we all know I have tons of other advice to give but most of it is not relevant to FatGirl. But just give me time I will find a way to fit it in.

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