Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily Ranting

By the emails Ive been getting I know you want me to post more, and well...if I could stay away from the pool I would probably post more. I have worked 3 or the last 4 nights so I have really been trying to catch up in the day sleeping. So that being said I'm sorry I haven't posted much.

I have wonderful news...

This weekend I participated in the Cornhole Grand Championship of the World. For those of you who don't know this is a game where you stand so far away from a board and throw a bean bag in a hole. Well my team was getting drilled in the pre-game but when it came to the main event we pulled it out. I have a 5 member team, most just have 4, but one of mine will be on maternity leave soon.

So anyone out there looking to sponsor a incredibly great Cornhole team with a World Championship under our belts we are taking offers. And from what I hear from my team we would possibly like a restaurant to sponsor us so they could also feed us. Very important.

As far as my diet and exercise has been going....well my working out has been a little light this week so far, due to all the sleep and swimming. And I'm still getting my legs back under me from being sore over the weekend. My diet has stayed pretty much consistent. I have allowed some of my favorites in my diet again but still trying to stay to the smaller portions.

I'm ready, so so so ready to hit the 100 lb mark. Once I get there it will be off to the next thing. And trust me, when I get there you will all know it. You can check the blog or simply listen closely because you might hear me shouting for joy.

Check back with me...Ill do better posting.

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