Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Weekend

I will start by apologizing for not posting at all this weekend. I'm sorry for not posting but there was really nothing I could do about it. I spent the weekend working and sleeping and not much more than that. I never even got to mowing the back of my yard...that's busy. I love a busy Saturday in the Real Estate world but man I was sleepy when I was over but if I can close something I probably wont be that tired anymore.

I got in some good workouts this weekend. I have been kinda letting my weekend workouts slip lately so it felt good to get to workout hard for 2 days. But on the workout front I have to say I'm a little bit sad that Zumba this week has been moved to 8 am. I missed this morning because I had to work last night so maybe, hopefully Thursday morning I will be able to make it. So this afternoon I have no night time workout class which means running running running.

I will go ahead and tell you guys that I am training for a full marathon. I have not decided if I am actually going to run one or not, because I have to train such weird hours and I am not getting all my runs in. I am considering one at the end of the year so I want to be ready if I decided to do it, but like I said I'm not completely committed to the idea yet. So running has kinda taken over the workouts for the last few weeks and hopefully will become more and more part of it in the next few months. I just hope I can find the time to train correctly because I will not participate if I am not ready.

And if I continue to run this much and late at night on the treadmill like I have been doing I am going to have to turn on the air conditioner in my house. It gets way steamy in the house after a good 5-6 mile run.

On that note, I know I should turn on the air in my house but I really find it hard to pay for cool wonderful, clean air in my home when I am only there in 2-3 hour spurts. I don't want it running all the time because I have to pay for it, and if I turn it up when I am gone then it runs even longer when I put it back down to the temp that I want it. I'm taking "heat" (pun intended) from the family to turn it on, so could someone out there please take my side!!!

Ill try to get back to you all again tonight after my run but no promises, I may just crash into the bed.

Thanks for reading...hope you come back!


Tracy Williams said...

Totally feel you on the "no air" thing. With kids, thats not an option unless I want to deal with crying all day. But, in college, Bethany and I would not run the air in our tiny gross house to save $$. It worked but it was one sweaty summer.

Elizabeth said...

i'm with you on thinking it not worth it to turn on the air! if my husband didn't make me, mine would be off most of the time, or at least set to to a high temperature all the time! growing up i wore sweats all summer because my parents' house was soo cold!

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