Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Lost My Marbles

I know I usually never get a chance to post on the weekend and this one was the same as most.  Well I always try to post on Monday, even if I don't have much to say.  Well I'm just going to have to ask for forgiveness for yesterday...but I have an excuse.  I went temporarily insane yesterday.  Granted it was only for a few hours but very much insane.  Like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next Insane.  Let me just tell you about it.

Ill start from the beginning.  I woke up after my 30 minutes of sleep and realized that it indeed was not enough.  My eyes were blood shot and I thought I was going to have to have some sort of device to keep them open.  Well the day started off with a phone call with information I didn't want to hear.  So I got mad almost instantly.  That's healthy by the way, to get furious within 20 minutes of waking up.  They say eat breakfast that soon, but don't get your blood pressure above 190/120!

Then more news I didn't want.  This topped off the first bit of news I got.  And I cried.  Let me just say I don't cry very much.  I went through a spell a year or so ago where I cried pretty regular, commercials, songs, etc.  Just about anything would put me over the top, but since then, not so sad.  Well I cried yesterday and got so torn up that every time I would sit still for a few minutes I would cry again.  When I finally got to the office my eyes looked like...I cant even think of a good analogy to describe them.

So once at the office I cried again (I was just cranked up at this point.)  I closed my door as not to be watched during my sob session.  With a little prayer and decision making I finally got myself pulled together and was able to finish my work day.  The day ended pretty well, showed some property got some work done that had been piling up on my desk.  All in all the afternoon was pretty good.

And just on this note let me just say that I know for the most part food does not make things better, but my piece of cake yesterday afternoon was really a turning  point for me and yes! it did make me feel better.  I try not to use food as a friend or handkerchief but yesterday it worked just fine.

So today, after my additional 30 minutes of sleep I am feeling much better and think I'm ready for the day...but after crying yesterday and no sleep my eyes are a lost cause.  They are blood shot and...well...basically...I look high.  I'M NOT...BUT I LOOK IT!

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