Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Not Hurt

I know that title is shocking because I spend most of my time hurt in some way or the other. Well I have gotten this question a number of times in the last few weeks so I thought I should address.

I have not hurt my arm. Many of you have seen my Body Bugg and thought it was some sort of brace. Its not, I have been wearing it for months but I have just started wearing short sleeves and sleeveless shirts so more people are noticing it now. Mine is actually not the Body Bugg brand, it is the Go Wear Fit by Body Media, but from what I understand they are all made by the same company. If I'm wrong about that I'm sorry Body Bugg People.

This was a wonderful Christmas Present from Santa that has been used nearly every day since Christmas. How many of you can say that about a gift?

The Bugg tracks how many calories I burn during the day, keeps up with my steps taken, the intensity of my workouts, and tells me the quality of my sleep. I input my food and it tells me the total calories consumed and the deficit at the end of each day. A fun and helpful weight loss tool.

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