Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its a Good Day

Yesterday when I got off work I went home and got straight into bed.  I don't just barely mean straight, I mean like clothes strewn from the garage door down the hall into the bedroom and laying by the bed.  I plopped my butt down in bed and never checked up again.  I even skipped dinner for sleep.  Well I got up just in time to head off to work.  Once at work I realized we had a crazy busy night ahead of me.  That is good and bad...good because the time flies by and bad because it will wear your body out physically. 

It wasn't until break that I realized that I skipped dinner.  The clue was that my stomach was growling and I could think of 15 things in the vending machine that were exactly what I wanted.  So I got some baked chips to hold me over and decided since I missed my dinner then I should be rewarded with a high calorie breakfast that I hardly ever get to eat.

So on the way home I stopped and got a biscuit from Hardee's.  This is by far my favorite breakfast ever but I never get to eat it.  I'm from the south "Honey" you know I love a biscuit.  Well, I ate this yummy buttery delicious biscuit on the way home and then crawled in bed again.  Right before I went to sleep I could tell I was kinda getting a headache.  This was the same headache that I got a few weeks ago when I forgot to eat dinner that one night.  I thought it would be fine because I just ate and I would go to sleep and it would be all better.

At 9:00, I woke up regretting every single bite of that biscuit.  The yummy buttery turned into greasy hell once it hit my stomach.  It made me sick as a dog.  My belly is just not used to that kind of meal anymore.  That being said, I have been a little relaxed on my food for the last couple of weeks.  Now not crazy eat everything I want but I have been able to eat more calories because of all the miles I have been running.  It has kept me in my 5 lb comfort zone.  (That is 5 lbs +/- my current weight.)  But after the biscuit explosion this morning it makes me want to eat even better than ever so that does not happen again!

So now I am feeling much better and I am kicking it at work today.  Trying to get everything done before my workout class at 5pm.  If not I know I will still get in a good run tonight but I have sure missed my girls at the gym this week.  I love an organized workout class. Ill let you all know if I make it or not.

Once I get home it will be mile after mile after mile tonight with some squats and push-ups in between.  I'm excited to get on the run tonight.  Then after I get clean from all the running and sweat I get to go through some new clothes.  Hopefully, just hopefully, I can find something that will work.

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