Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Night

Well I did actually ditch my run last night for the chance to clean out my closet. I wish I had decided before 9:30 to not run because I could have taken my shoes off. I find that when I take them off it is almost impossible to get them back on.

Cleaning the closet was actually a sad and happy thing all at the same time. It was great to be able to try on clothes and have them not fit any part of my body, but the reality set it when I got done. I have more empty hangers hanging in my closet than I do clothes. (I will try to remember to put a picture. I am going to have to run to the goodwill soon and try to find something to cover my body that looks nice enough to wear to work. I think work is getting tired of my khaki shorts!

And for all of you out there that are stalking me on my facebook page. Yes! Tomorrow I will be working out with April. I am really looking forward to the workout, not so much looking forward to the heat. As we all know I don't love the heat! But Friday is the one day I don't kill myself to get to the gym so I'm excited I could go ahead and fill that day in as well. WHO NEEDS REST?

I have Zumba tonight, then off to the ballpark, then the treadmill. Yes I will run tonight especially since I flaked out last night. I hope to be back to you again today but no promises. It will just depend on when I get finished with everything tonight.

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