Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where there is soooo much to do and never enough hours? That is how my day feels today. I have been running tons of errands today and man I'm finally done long enough to sit for a minute.

Fist off let me just freaking hot is it outside today. At about 11 o'clock today it just became a heat wave. Now, I chose not to turn on my air conditioner in my house or car because, basically I'm cheap. But I didn't complain much about how cold I was over the winter (no heat either) because I fulling intended on complaining about the heat in the summer. But I will promise you that I will not complain about the heat in my house because I chose not to turn on the air. However, I may mention the heat, but no complaining. If I fail at this you can call me out.

I have to workout today at 5 and then I get the night off. I will be running tonight inside the hot house! I have really gotten into the habit of running on the treadmill at night. It makes me sleep better and feel better to finish my day off with a few miles.

My body just really cannot handle getting up early to run as much as I would like to, so I run late at night. It helps with those days that I have to work too. So here's to running like crazy at 11:00pm. I will also share that I run at night in outfits that are really not appropriate. I think my neighbors really want me to close my blinds.

Really, when we get down to it all of my workout outfits are really not cute. I always wanted to be one of those people that looks cute and all put together when I workout but really none of my clothes ever match and I'm sopping wet from head to toe. To the people who make fun of my clothes (you know who you are) I'm going to try to do better, TOMORROW!

WOW! I know my mind just went about 50 different directions at once but that is how my entire day has been so I thought I would share the madness in my head.

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