Friday, June 18, 2010

So Interesting...

I had a wonderful link sent to me today about The Biggest Loser. One of the contestants from a long time ago on the Biggest Loser, one of the ones that no one remembers, now has some "truthful" things to say about the show.

She talks about how grateful she is that she had the chance to be on the show...and then tells about how it was unhealthy. I have mixed feelings about this whole thing.

Now, I find this show incredibly inspiring, but I don't live my life by it. There are some times that I think the weight cannot possibly be right, or that sometime they are pushed to the absolute limit physically, maybe even through injury. I love to watch them lose 10lbs a week but I don't think this is something my body would be capable of doing in my life. They workout 8-9 hours a day, I work out 2 sometimes 3 hours on a kiss butt day. I expect there to be a big difference in weight. For those of you that watch the show like I do and think you will experience that kind of weight loss, go ahead and give that up.

Then she talks about dehydrating for the scale. I would consider the last chance workout nothing but a dehydration. Many of them wear long sleeves and pants during that workout. What do you think they are doing? Do you think they are cold? They want the smallest amount of water in their body that they can have, that makes the numbers smaller. It may be for ratings...or possibly for the $250K that the winner gets at the end of the season. I'm not even going to lie. If I was put in the situation to win $250K and it was based on weight loss, I would sweat out every ounce in my body to win, then rehydrate!

I think this turned out to be one unhappy contestant that just happened to gain most of her weight back and instead of blaming the one who gained the weight, lets blame the show. There are other contestants that have gained their weight back too, but do you hear them at press conferences bashing the show that helped them lose 100+ pounds.

If you notice a lot of the contestants gain back some weight after they go home and leave the Biggest Loser show, maybe water weight, maybe just relief to be able to eat again. But then you have the ones that have stayed at their weight from the finale, maybe even lost a few more or maybe even gained but are still at a healthy weight. If the show is cruel and unhealthy wouldnt it have the same effect on everyone? (That's a real question)

I wonder if this contestant was told that coffee was a decent meal or if that was one of the things she decided on her on. Give us the whole story if you are going to speak now...Were you told by the trainers and dietitians to only drink coffee for meals?

Then next I have to bash on the Biggest Loser a little bit too here, because they have not responded to Kai yet. If for some reason you are manipulating America and only feeding us partial truths then shame on you. I love this show, and like I said, I am INCREDIBLY inspired by it, (even went to the open casting call) but it would hurt my feelings if I found out that unhealthy practices were given to contestants for ratings sake.

I read the books that are full of great information about diet and exercise. They talk about minimum calories for the day and give reasonable workouts for those of us at home. Is this also what you practice on the show? Or do you put the contestants on 600-800 calories a day to go along with their crazy workout schedule.

I just cant wait for a response from the show.

Here is the video for you guys...go ahead and watch it for yourselves. These are my thoughts on it but I know you have your own. Everything about this just kinda hurt my feelers today.

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Stephanie said...

She seems to have some issues that she needs to work on. Did she really think that The Biggest Loser was going to be fun and pressure free? I would bet there is a whole other side to this story. Don't stress it - she isn't worth it!

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