Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Standard Day

Everybody loves it when I post pictures so here goes...this is my standard day at the office. And yes I have on a dress, its really the only article of clothing that still fits and looks appropriate for the office.

These are hard to come my in my world but I'm having one of those days where there is not much drama...trying to get my work done and get some calls in. Just a Standard day.

I did however get off work this morning early. Nothing makes me happier than that. This morning I got off so early that I actually stayed away for a little bit this morning so I didn't get my internal clock all screwed up. On nights that I don't work I stay up later than usual to keep my body kind of in the same habit, but this was too late to be considered a late bedtime but too early to be a standard night's sleep. Anyway...I got in bed this morning and got a few more hours than I normally do. This has helped me today!

Reasons it has helped me. 1. I tried to return some pants to Goodwill today that didn't fit. They would not take them back because it had been over 14 days. I understand this is a rule, but this is also the store that will take and sell clothing from 1972 so I just didn't understand completely. I had my receipt and everything. I was a little mad but it will be OK. 2. I cannot find this birthday present that I need for tonight. I have been looking for weeks and just can't find the exact right thing. Normally on 2 hours of sleep this would stress me out, but today, it's ok. I'll find it. Just give me a few more hours. 3. Some people just won't call back! But it's OK.

I think that is my theme for today. Maybe I should re-title this post.

I don't have my normal workout tonight, tonight we will be running. And to be quite honest I'm looking forward to it. I didn't get to run last night and I have noticed when I miss a night that I want it more and more the next day. I think I'm also excited about it because I know I will burn off the cake that I eat at the birthday extravaganza tonight. Ohhhhh I love some birthday cake!

Oh and I got my workout from my trainer today. I just love saying that. I have to share with you because it was too funny. I'm not going to give away her workout because she is sweet to send it to me, but I'll make sure you get the good part.

Warm Up
20 Blah blahs (on each side) pretty easy
30 so ons! (kinda getting hard now)
30 of these and those (wow, it just got difficult)
30 shimmy shakes (evil evil woman)
30 death rolls (this is the cool down)
Run for 5 minutes.
"Repeat till you throw up!!!!"

This is what she sent, all I did was change the name of the exercise and put in my own interpretation of the difficulty.

But I have been inspired to try something new since working out with her. After I was so sore from our first workout I thought it might be a good idea to do at least 2 workouts outside each week. Meaning using my own body weight and maybe some things sitting around the yard. This way I will be using new muscles each time. I have been compiling exercises for this and think I can come up with 2 workouts a weeks to do in my own back yard. Hopefully, this will help me see some new results in some new places and those pants that Goodwill wouldn't take back will fit.

I hope you guys are having one of those standard days too, with little drama. I won't be here tomorrow until late if at all. I will not be having a standard day at all. Going out of town on a mini vacation to a water park. So wish me fun and safety. Hope you all have a good one.

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