Thursday, June 17, 2010

These Are My People

I have read in all my diet and exercise books to find a partner or find a friend to go through your weight loss journey. I tried this for so long, I asked tons of people to workout with me but it never seems to fail that when you are trying to get someone to go with, they may not have the same goals as you. They may want to workout less than you or more than you.

If you would like my advise on this topic then your in luck then I'm gonna give it to you. Instead of trying to find someone to go to they gym with you, maybe you should try going to the gym and finding someone there. You'll discover the people who workout the same times you do, and the ones that do similar workouts...and if your lucky you'll make a new friend in the process, and maybe more than one. That being said I have to tell you about My People!!!

This picture was taken after class so we were all sweaty, but I still think we are a cute little crew!

These are my girls. I never knew I would find such good friends at the gym but they have become some of my closest.

Let me tell you about them. One of these women has lost 200 lbs or close too it (an inspiration), one is the Zumba/Pump teacher (I pay to be tortured), one is my Biggest Loser text buddy (and never ruins the ending if I'm watching late). These girls laugh when you make a mistake in class, they don't judge me when my workout clothes smell like my gym shoes. (They bake in the bag with my shoes, I do wash them.) We keep a constant running dialogue on Facebook most of the time about class, life, or anything that we are thinking about that day. They make class fun all the time, no matter how I'm feeling!

They call when I miss a workout to make sure I'm OK, they brag on me when I had an exceptionally good workout, and on a bad workout day they text to make sure I'm feeling OK. These are the people I want on my side.

For the most part I didn't know these people before I started working out. I knew one of them for a long time but only as a teacher at my babies school, and today she brought me fresh beans to class. (Home grown!!!) How sweet is that!

I hope you guys know how much you mean to me!!!! And I hope the rest of you out there can find a group of people to workout with like mine. If they are half as great as mine you wont be sorry.


Elizabeth said...

how sweet! i love it!

Helen said...

Well, even though I'm NOT in the picture, I hope you consider me one of your peeps. Great blog!

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