Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trying Some New Things

I have been playing on my blog all night long and this is the first time I have actually posted anything. I have been adding some new things to my sidebar. Of course there are the Twitter and Facebook pages but now you can click to follow me and get you cute little picture put up on my page.

You probably noticed if you are a regular reader that the background has changed. If you are just checking my page out for the first time, I hope you like it and it probably doesn't look that weird! I thought it was only fitting to put jelly beans back there since I never get to eat them. Now I can look at them every day. If I start craving them I might have to change that photo again.

I am hoping to have a few more things added in the couple of weeks so I hope you are looking forward to the changes as much as I am.

I have been sitting on my couch for about an hour with my laptop on my lap and now I have sweaty thighs. Go figure 110 degrees in the house and a hot computer on my legs. You would think I would know better by now. You would also think that working up a good sweat would mean calories burned but I don't think so since Ive been pretty much lethargic all night.

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