Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Wanted to Say

I'm sorry its taken so long for me to say this but Hello! new followers.  I love it that you are now reading and care enough to follow.

Thanks for the support!

Ohhhhhh What A Night

So after my morning run I was able to come home today and rest for a little bit, the ice an all.  Well I went to work early this afternoon and just got done with my night. 

I had to work my regular shift and then a birthday party.  Oh the birthday cake looked so good.

I need a runner to let me know something....when the mileage goes up do I need to eat more calories?  I have been starving all day and I am still hungry.  I feel like I'm all empty inside and I need some food. 

I was able to get in a good, and short workout tonight.  I don't have a Cut workout again until Monday so I had to fill the time with something.  This was one of the first workouts I have had with a partner in the last 3 days that I thought my workout buddy was going to puke.  When I worked out Friday night my buddy had to go to the bathroom for a few minutes, then today my running partner kept saying she was going to puke.  I think she was just worn out...I know I was.

No sickness tonight, just a good solid leg workout with a few sprints thrown in at the end.

Time to go to bed.  Just one more full day till the weigh in.....I hope its a good one.

Good Luck all.

3 Miles

I woke up this morning to go for a run with a friend.  We took off on a 3 mile excursion this morning and decided at the mile and a half point to go the harder way...the way with hills.  I could really tell about mile 2.5 that the stairs are helping with my running.  I was able to climb the hills better than I ever could in the past. 

This was one of my greatest times to date.  We finished the run in 38 minutes.  I'm still determined to get 3 miles in under 30 minutes.  I know it will take some time but I will get there one day. 

I enjoyed a way to big breakfast after my run because I didn't get a chance to eat before hand.  I almost always eat before a workout but today when I woke up I went to get my clothes out of the dryer and they were still wet.  I had to be out the door in 10 minutes and I got so worked up about the clothes that I didn't fix my breakfast.

So now I'm just sitting on the couch recovering after my run.

This is how I like to recover.  2 packs of frozen helps with sore joints and also cools my body down.  It looks kinda funny.  When people. look in my freezer they probably think I really like peas but I don't.  I actually never eat them, I only use them as ice packs.

I have one more workout planned for tonight, more weights and less cardio.  Then a real recovery, sleep.

One more day till the 30 in 30 weigh in.  My weight has been up all week but today I was at a more reasonable weight.  I think I have been holding water.  Good luck girls, I hope everyone has good numbers this time.

Friday, July 30, 2010

45 Minutes

In 45 minutes I get to go workout.  I feel like I have been sitting in this stupid chair for the last 7 hours....oh wait I have.  I am ready to get my butt to the weight room and knock this workout out of the park today.  I need to move a little bit.  I haven't decided what I am going to do as my cardio today.  I usually finish up with a run but I am going running with a friend in the morning so I kinda want to try something different but I don't feel like anything else is as good of a cardio workout.  Maybe a speed bike????

I have to confess something that I did today that was extreme laziness.  For the first time ever I wore tight pants (leggings) to work.  I didn't wear them because I look good in them or they make my legs look skinny.  I wore them because I didn't want to change clothes one more time today.  They are actually my Danskin pants that are for working out, but they were clean and I am tired of changing clothes 5 times a day.  :)

Annnnnnnnnyway.  I have to just update you guys on my new Fleet Feet shoes.  I don't like them....I LOVE THEM!  For the first time in weeks my shoes are not rubbing blisters on my feet, I no longer have gashes in my heels.  The foot pain that I was pretty sure was a stress fracture has not hurt in a week.  I have officially worked the new ones in and retired the old ones.  I think the old ones didn't stand much of a chance after the Half Marathon.  Any time something looks like this (scroll down) at the end of a race you know its not good. 

I know this post is really about nothing at all other than the fact that I am bored and ready to get up and move but I just thought I would share.  Get out there this weekend and do something....

Not Trying to Leave You Hanging

I didn't have the ability to post last night because I was stuck in a house that has no Internet access.  How in the world do people survive without Internet service? I stayed at the rents last night so this is really the first time I have had computer access since yesterday morning. 

I had a pretty good day yesterday, I did good with my eating, not great but good and I had a crazy good workout.  I did My Cut workout and was in a complete sweat by about the first 2 minutes in.  Today my triceps are sore so I guess that is a good thing.  When I finished my Cut workout I had to get in some cardio so I was going to run a mile on the treadmill.   I hoped on the treadmill and started a pace that was a little bit faster than I normally run but I thought why not its only one mile. 

I could really tell these steps are helping my stamina because I was thinking I would take a one minute walk break at half a mile.  Well the half a mile mark came and I still felt good so I kept going.  I thought I will walk at 3/4 mile but I was still feeling good.  I ended up running the entire mile (which I know I can do, I do it 4 days a week) at a faster pace than I ever run.  It was a nice finish to my workout.  It was one of those accomplishments that is little but helps you see some progress.

Last night I was tired and ready for bed, but for some reason I could not go to sleep.  I should have slept like a baby, its the first night I have had air conditioning on me in months.  I was kinda scared that I was going to oversleep for my run this morning.  I laid in the bed till almost 2 am trying to fall asleep.  Well when the alarm went off at 6 I got out of bed and put on my running clothes and just could not get moving.  I finally laid back down, completely dressed, and slept for about 45 more minutes. I think the air conditioning gave me laryngitis because I had a scratchy throat this morning. I did make it to the steps this morning and I will just squeeze my run in after the Cut workout tonight.  Sometimes you just have to get the sleep over the workout.

The steps this morning were a great workout.  We changed things up again just a little bit and then had a little race on the last one.  We were trying to finish the last set in 1 minute.  Lets just say that was when the real huffing and puffing started.  This will be the last set at a decent hour because next week we move to 5:30 steps because school is starting back.  Ohhhh I know it is better (cooler) to get them in and I will enjoy waking up in the mornings and being done with my workouts early but it is hard to think about waking up at that time.  I will start running the steps first then off to run on solid ground.  I will be back home and be able to take a nap before work.  Ha Ha.

Just a few more days to the end of Week 3.  I know my weights have not been where they should be this week but I am still working hard as ever to lose this 10 pounds.  I don't want to call it the last 10 because there are plenty to lose after it, but I want to hit this milestone really bad.  I also cant wait to see how the rest of the players are doing this week. 

You keep working hard out there peeps and lets put up some good numbers!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Countdown is On

Ladies and Gentleladies,

I have officially started the countdown to the 100 pound mark.  I am now after 2 years of trying within 10 lbs of the 100 pound mark.

My bro-in-law asked me last night did I ever think I could do it.  At first I never thought it was possible, but since some of the crazy experiments that have taken place (Gastric Bypass Exp., 30 in 30, and Half Marathon) my mind set has changed a lot.  Now instead of thinking I cant do it...whatever it may be, I want to know why not.  There is no logical reason that I cannot do anything.  Phil 4:13.  Every single day I think the full marathon is in my future.  Still not 100% committed to the idea but training like I am.

I also have to thank you guys out there that are reading.  It took me almost a year and a half to lose 50 lbs and keep it off.  I yo-yoed back and forth for a while in the beginning, but since the blog has become more and more a part of my diet and exercise I have discovered I have a new found commitment to myself and all of you out there.  I know a lot of days you hear me complain about being sore or tired but that is one part of the weight loss process.  I also enjoy telling you about successes or just some of the crazy things your body does when you lose weight.  It is a process of the mind as well as the body. 

So thanks to you all for your support.  I know I'm not at the 100 pound mark yet...but so close.  Don't worry, you will be the first to know. OK so I may call the fam first, but you will be second for sure! :)

Fat To Fit

I only do a few blog hops here and there but this is one of my faves.  I love getting to find other peoples blogs that are trying to lose weight and working hard to do so. 

My day today has been pretty relaxed compared to the last 2 weeks.  I did not bring my clothes to the gym tonight so I would not be tempted to workout.  I just have to take the night off.  I did get in a little bit of a calorie burn this morning with the stairs but that is it for the day.

My food today has been pretty good for the most part.  I ate my standard turkey sandwich for lunch and I ended up eating the same thing for dinner.  I ran out of sandwich bread so I had to go to Blimpie for lunch.  I just went ahead and got the foot long for lunch and dinner so that I was not tempted to eat something I know I shouldn't.  I didn't get any fruits and veggies in today which I know is bad but I just didn't prepare.  I knew I couldn't pack a lunch today so instead of packing my sides to go with the sandwich I just got a little lazy and bought the baked chips instead. 

I have had one of those days where I was hungry all day long.  I fought it the best I could but I did share some ice cream with a co-worker tonight to hold me over until dinner.  I'm not really feeling guilty about it because I didn't eat that much but knowing that my food balance today has not been good is a little frustrating because its my fault.  I am in control of what I eat and today I didn't do very well.

Tomorrow is a new day...and a better day food wise.

I don't really have much more for you tonight.  I have been working all day and ready to hit the hay.  I get off in 1 hour and then nighty night.   Check back tomorrow for more updates.

2 Jobs and Easy Workout Day

This day is one of the days that I have to go to both jobs, but to make it a little bit better this is also my easiest workout day of the week.  Even on my food cheat day I end up getting one of the best workout days.

This morning we ran stairs.  They were pressure washing the side we normally run so we had a few obstacles in the way, but no matter how you look at it we still run up and down.  One of the girls got there early and then left once we were getting started so it was just 2 of us this morning.  We ran the first few the normal and then changed it up a little bit.  Instead of running up one flight and down the next, we ran up and down each flight.  It was a little bit harder because there was not a break in between each flight.

That will be my only workout today.  I have the night off of the Cut workout and after the torture that it put me through last night I need a night off.  So no more workouts today, I didn't even bring workout clothes so I wouldn't be tempted to workout after work tonight.  Tomorrow its back to the grind with a morning and evening workout.  But for today it time to let the muscles rest...Ahhh rest!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Technology and Nature Are Attacking Me


Well lets start with the most frustrating.  I love my blackberry phone and my laptop.  They help me with my job and my blogging and just keeping up with my friends.  Well my blackberry just blew turned off and will not come back on.  I have done everything I can think of to get this stupid phone to come back on and no luck. 

Update:  The wonderful people who have the insurance on my phone have managed to ship me a new one overnight.  I have service through Asurion and I called last night about 10:30-11:00 and they have it shipped already and it should be to me today.  That is kind of amazing.

Next, I am trying to get a new template for my blog.  Something new, you know I like to change it up every once and a while just for fun.  Well tonight I have been trying to get a new one up for the last 2 hours and nothing.  All I was able to do was get the background changed and I don't really like the new one.


For starters I am afraid of birds...that has to be mentioned first because in the morning I have birds dive bombing my front porch.  There is also a woodpecker that lives outside my bedroom window.  He has no interest in wood, but only likes my gutters.

Then the other night when I was cleaning my house I had my doors open trying to get a little air flow.  I sat down on the porch and was ATTACKED by a possum.  I love the south.  I literally screamed out loud (and not one of my neighbors came to check on me.)  The stupid possum ran on my porch toward the front door and almost went in the house.  I would have died if it had gotten inside. 

I am currently co-existing with a cricket.  I cannot catch the little guy and I cant kill it because it is bad luck to kill a cricket.  I have named him Jimminy! 

Nature and Technology....I try to be so good to you and now you are attacking me....please be nice and I will too.

Another Day

I got home last night pretty late and finally got into be a little after midnight.  I was trying to plan for my day today but I was pretty tired so I finally just packed my lunch laid out my clothes and then went to bed.  I thought about waking up early to run today, but as we all know I do not like to wake up early.

What is it with these crazy fitness people that makes them think 5:30 am is a good time to do anything.  Anyway, that being said with the school year fixing to kick off we are fixing to have to move our morning steps to about 5:30.  Ohhhhh my goodness!!!!!!!  I know once I can finally get my body adjusted to my new schedule I will be able to get up earlier but I am still trying to fight the up all night mindset.  Its amazing how long it can take your body to adjust. I think I'm going to swap my run and stairs so I can do the steps then the run and really not have to wake up much earlier than normal.  And maybe I can beat the heat of the day all together.

Today I have only afternoon workouts.  My Zumba class has been can canceled for the rest of the week, what will I do?  I will be dancing at home all by my lonesome I guess.  Tonight I am swimming, then the Cut workout (which was brutal last night, cant wait to see tonight's workout) and then run.  Now I wish I had just gotten up this morning and done it before work, but I still think a little sleep may have been more important.

I am very excited to sit down in front of my TV for an hour tonight.  I get to watch Losing It with Jillian.  I hope it is a good one tonight.  I am enjoying this show, because of the obsession.....but is it just me or is anyone ready for Biggest Loser to come back?  I have been talking with my friend who made it to like the 5th round of the audition process.  She didn't make it on the show but after talking to her I just get more and more excited about it.  I'm thinking we should have auditioned together because she could have carried me on her heels to get to the show.  How cool would that have been.  I may go to the next open casting call just for the fun of it again.  

Hope all my 30 in 30 peeps are working hard, we only have 2 weeks left and many more pounds to lose.  Keep it up!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bragging Just a Little Bit

Last week I picked on Mandy a little bit, she did so good with her weight loss and I had to just brag a little....well this week I have to do the same but not for what you might think.

I have to brag on Jennifer this week.  If you look back you will see that Jennifer gained a pound this week.  For starters I know, why would I brag on the one that gained when so many lost.  Well, let me tell you why.

I know how hard it is to lose weight, trust me, I know, and I also know how tough it is to have to admit that in the midst of your weight loss that you gained. 

Instead of lying and saying she weighted the same or not sending anything, Jennifer was one of the first to send me her weight this morning.  She sent it along with much disgust and anger, but she still owned it.  It was only one pound and I have no doubt that she will be able to lose it and many more but it is so hard to have to admit it, out loud for the world (or whoever is reading) to see.

For that Jennifer I am very proud of your weight loss thus far and I know you can do it.  Keep up the good work.

Week 2 After Dark

Week 2 is in the books.  I am so proud of my players for committing to the weight loss and working so hard to achieve it.  They have stepped out of their comfort zone and are trying new things to lose weight.

I still have a few out of town that will be weighing in through the week but other than that everyone else has weighed in.  We did lose 2 contestants today but we will still power on and continue our contest.  I will update until I have everyone...Ill let you know when they are all in.

Let me tell you about my day.  Today was my cheat day and I ate all the things that I have wanted through out the week, but today I tried something a little different.  I had my biscuit for breakfast...that is portion control if I have ever seen it.  All the yummy deliciousness in one little biscuit.  For lunch I ate Mexican, got my salsa for the week.  Oh it is sooooo my favorite.  I ordered exactly what I wanted, flouta and salsa.  No need to get cheese dip or beans when what I really wanted was salsa and chicken.  I also wanted ice cream really bad today.  It was cold and creamy and I needed it to hit the spot.  Instead of ordering a large with extra candy (that was the fat girl days) I ordered a regular M&M ice cream treat and I ate half.  I actually didn't even eat half, but I ate until I had constructed the 7 perfect bites and then threw the rest away.  I knew I would not stop eating if I had it sitting in front of me.  Supper was a norm..sandwich and baked chips.  I also got a chocolate bar, I didn't eat it yet, that's my midnight snack.

I wanted to get the food that I wanted without really overdoing my calories or eating to the point of misery.  I was satisfied.  I also got some great workouts....this morning was a short run, then stairs.  The stairs were tough today.  Then Zumba this afternoon and The Cut tonight.  Three workouts in one day, that's pretty good.  My Cut workout tonight seemed easier than normal and I thought I was getting better, but the sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach makes me know that it is still as hard as ever.  My muscles might hurt from that tonight.  Some of the exercises I couldnt pronounce much less do.  It was, wow!

I am so proud of the players....last week we lost about 90lbs and well I dont know yet this week but I am excited to see the numbers.  Thanks for playing everyone.

Week 2 Weight IN

From what I can tell week 2 was a little more difficult for everyone.  I know I struggled more this week than last.  Its always easier to lose the first are surprising your body and doing things that its not used to and are so gung ho about the entire process.  Then week two comes with a little more freedom and the weight loss is not generally as good.

That being said I am really surprised at some of the weight losses this week.  I had a few tell me about birthdays and other things going on and still losses or staying the same so I am still proud of you guys.

I will start with mine.

Oh honey, paint those toe nails! 

I was down 4 lbs from last week, actually 3.8 but I have been rounding for everyone.  I was extremely happy about my loss this week.  Of course I wanted more because I am not on track for the 30 but I am still pushing it as hard as I can and just hoping the scales catch up with my body.  I was able to see a huge difference in my body and clothes this week even though the scales didn't exactly say what I wanted them to.

So how did everyone else do this week....

I added some of their comments in to the post this week so you can see how they are doing as well.

Jennifer H.:

Starting Weight:  220
Week ONE:  214
Week TWO: 215
Total Weight Loss so Far:  5

"Food REALLY is a four letter word!"


Starting Weight:  234
Week ONE:  230
Week TWO:
Total Weight Loss so Far:  4


Starting Weight:  219
Week ONE:  216
Week TWO: 215
Total Weight Loss so Far:  4


Starting Weight:  234
Week ONE:  229
Week TWO: 226
Total Weight Loss so Far:  8


Starting Weight:  228
Week ONE:  222.5
Week TWO:  220.5
Total Weight Loss so Far:  7.5

"Oh, and, for what it's worth, I lost another 3.5 inches. Most of it's coming off of my waist, which is really nice. I'm officially swearing by belly dancing as the best way to trim your waist EVER."


Starting Weight:  165
Week ONE:  159
Week TWO: 157
Total Weight Loss so Far:  8.6

"This week I was super good about eating and work outs and only lost 2! I keep trying to remind myself to stay positive and that two a week is healthy and realistic.... "


Starting Weight:  233
Week ONE:  229
Week TWO: 228
Total Weight Loss so Far:  5


Starting Weight:  188
Week ONE:  184
Week TWO: 184
Total Weight Loss so Far:  4

"I had eaten out a lot this week and didn't always make the wisest food choices when doing so but I also stepped up the exercise so I was hoping for SOMETHING."


Starting Weight:  171
Week ONE:   169
Week TWO: 165
Total Weight Loss so Far: 6

Had company in from out of town, lots of eating out and other goodies and still managed to lose a few...


Starting Weight:  161
Week ONE:  159
Week TWO: 158.5
Total Weight Loss so Far:  2.5

Susan is one who is blogging this experience as well as the rest of her life.  I suggest you read along.


Happy Birthday Baby!
Starting Weight:  175
Week ONE:  168
Week TWO:  166
Total Weight Loss so Far:  9

Liz celebrated her 56th birthday (and no that is not her real age) and enjoyed all the birthday cake and celebration.  Keep up the good work.


Starting Weight:  237
Week ONE: 232
Week TWO: 227
Total Weight Loss so Far:  10

Her message was laced with hundreds of exclamation points....I think that means happy.  Who wouldn't be with a 10 lb total?  Good work!!!!!!!


Starting Weight:  186
Week ONE:  184
Week TWO:
Total Weight Loss So Far:  2

Vicki is out of town all week so I wont have a weigh in from her this week.  She did however weigh twice last week, once on her daughters scales which showed 2 lbs and then on her regular scales that were 7 lbs.  I'm going to wait for her to get back to weigh so I can have an accurate reading.


Starting Weight:  141
Week ONE:  137
Week TWO: 134
Total Weight Loss So Far:  7

Another birthday weekend here.  Good Job.


Starting Weight:  270
Week ONE:  270
Week TWO: 267
Total Weight Loss So Far:  3


Starting Weight:  301
Week ONE:  292
Week TWO: 288.2
Total Weight Loss So Far:  13.2


Starting Weight:  166
Week One:  164
Week TWO: 159
Total Weight Loss So Far:  7


Starting Weight:  166
Week One:  163
Week TWO: 0
Total Weight Loss So FAR:  3


Starting Weight:  230
Week One:  226
Week TWO: 0
Total Weight Loss So FAR:  4

I urge you to check out her blog...she is blogging her way through this experience and life as well.


Starting Weight: 228
Week One: 228
Week TWO:
Total Weight Loss So FAR: 0

I will continue to update as the day goes on so keep checking back till they are all in.  

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend

I hope you have all had as good of a weekend as I have.  I really screwed up my weekend last week and ate more than I should have and didn't workout like I should have.  I wanted to make sure that I didn't have the same problem this weekend and I think I was successful. 

I had a huge day started with a run.  I was hoping for my long run on Saturday morning but I slept and fooled around for too long and ran later than I meant to.  It was too hot by the time I got to my run to go the distance I wanted to but I was able to run a little faster than normal.  I am not really all that focused on time but I figured I should go for speed since distance wasnt going to happen in the heat.  My run was great. 

Just shortly after my run it was time for Zumba.  I just love Zumba and even though I was worn out it was a great workout.  I came home and unfortunately had to work outside and finished mowing my yard and weed the flower bed.  I was miserably hot but it is always so nice to get something finished and not just halfway done.  After that I got to the fun stuff.

I have been debating with the idea of getting fitted for shoes and finally decided that I needed to since I have been running more and more.  I have to take care of these feet.  So I went to Huntsville and visited Fleet Feet. 

This was a wonderful experience overall.  They were pretty crowded but I felt like I was the only customer in the store.  I ran on the treadmill and discovered that I am a pronater (I think that's the right word) and the girl that helped me went and picked out the right shoes for me as well as inserts for the shoes to keep my feet straight.  She told me this would help with any foot pain that I was having.  I wish I could remember her name but my little helper person was great.

I never even mentioned any foot pain...I really didn't relate my foot pain to the shoes.  I really thought that I had a stress fracture in my right foot for a few months now.  I hope the shoes correct the pain and no more foot problems.  I guess if it doesn't stop hurting then I will finally go to the doctor.

Ill keep you guys updated on my new footwear!

Today I have worked in my house most of the day....actually I worked in the yard just a little bit...the heat again.  I had to clean this mess I like to call a house.  Vacuum the floors, dust, all those things that you should do on a regular basis and I just let it get away from me.  I have worked in about 20 minute spurts because I break into a complete sweat after that time. 

I'm looking forward to hearing how my contestants weight loss has gone this week.  I have some that have struggled (birthday week), some that have been on vacation, and some that have lost.  I just love to see the results come in.  I haven't weighed since about Thursday morning and I am hoping my number is down from then.  My week has gone really well so I am hoping the scales reflect that.  Good luck to you all trying so hard out there to shed a few.  Check out tomorrow for the results.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wake Up

Good Morning it's Saturday.

Saturday means time for the long run.  I had to get up early this morning so I can get my entire run in before I go to Zumba at 9.  I have no Cut workout today, WOO HOO!  I get 2 days off then a new week with new exercises. 

I have to throw out a huge Thank You today.  I have been planning my day today since yesterday afternoon.  I have to mow my yard today cause it is awful.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to do it and avoid the hottest part of the day.   Well when I came home last night I was sitting on my front porch texting I realized that someone had mowed my yard.

Turns out my sweet neighbor came over and mowed the front of my yard while he was mowing his.  I couldn't believe it!!!!  How sweet is that.  All I have to do today is mow a little section in the front and back.  Thank you Neighbor!

I am hoping this weekend not to put back on the weight that I have lost throughout the week.  I have not had a great weight loss this week but it has been some loss.  I just hope to lose a few more before Monday.  When I weighed this morning I was at my lowest weight ever and just a few closer to 100.

To my players....keep up the good work, even on the weekend!  Cant wait to hear your losses this week.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog Awards

Thank you thank you thank you to Traci for giving me this award.  I was kind of shocked and surprised but very honored.

Rules, the rules for the award are as follows:

1. Thank the person giving the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

7 Things....Its hard to think of seven things sometimes.

1.  I started blogging and never told anyone about I hope more people follow everyday.  I'm kinda obsessed with it now.  I didn't read other peoples blogs or anything.  Now I can think of 15 off the top of my head and I am sad that I have to leave anyone off.

2. I think blogging has made me a Narcissist.  I'm constantly taking pictures of myself for the posts. Ha Ha

3.  I work better under pressure (or a challenge.)  And I love it when someone tells me I can't do something.

4.  I think 5 minutes spent with my family or friends or both is more fun than an hour of alone time.  I like to be alone but it is way more fun to hang with others.  I can be alone when I'm asleep.

5.  I am a 4th child and yes I am spoiled.  But it may not be what you think.  My older sisters spoil me just as bad as the parents.  My favorite are when they buy birthday presents and wrap them and all I have to do is pay back.

6.  I don't like to go to the doctor unless completely necessary.  Most of the time things only hurt for a few days and then they are better...if it last much longer then that I will usually go.

7.  I want to be on the cover of People Magazine's Half My Size Issue.  Now, I still have to lose half my size and I'm not there yet, but that's the goal.

Nominate 15 Newly Discovered Blogs

1.  Murder By Diet
2.  Creating the me I've always wanted to be
3.  Six Cherries On Top
4.  The Scales Say What!?
5.  The Adventures of Goober Grape & Monkey Man
6.  Diary of a Fat Mom
7.  Treadmill Mama
8.  Waisting Time
9.  Trainer Momma
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12.  Diary of a Rookie Triathlete
13.  Reflections and Renegades
14.  Traci's Treasures
15.  Fat Girl vs. World

A Few Questions?????

I like to post about new products I try and give any advice I may have.  Well today I need your help.

1.  Shorts

I have shorts that I enjoy wearing but they are just too long for me.  The get caught up on my knees when doing squats and lunges and are just all around in the way most of the time.  I love these little cute running shorts but I'm not sure that is appropriate for someone my size.  Basically I'm not comfortable in something that short.

I am looking for a pair of shorts in the middle.  About mid-thigh...long enough to cover the jiggly parts but not so long they get caught on my knees.  Please Help!!

Also, I need them to come in a 2X or a Men's XL.

2.  Pain

I have a stick/catch (whatever you call it) in my side.  It has been there for about 3 days now.  It gets worse when I am exercising but kinda hurts all the time with certain movements.  Is it normal for one to last this long or could it be a pulled muscle?  I have pulled muscles before but they hurt all the time not just when exercising....

Any thoughts on this as well?

I hope someone out there can help...sometimes you just have to go to others for some suggestions.

Fat Butt Friday

Ok I have failed on my Blog Hops this week but one of my favorites to follow has just featured ME!!!!!

Hope all of you will check out Fat Butt Friday this week and read my story.


Thanks for the feature....

Great Days...

Ill start with the apology for not posting at all yesterday, but I really never had the chance to post anything.  I was in my car from 7am until I got home about 10pm last night.  I had a running around day.  I sat down maybe 4 times all day and none of them were 10 minutes long when I got home, I hit the sack and didn't even check up before I got there.

Yesterday, however, was a phenomenal day.  I got lots of stuff accomplished.  We had an open house and I didn't over eat...that's rare.  It good food and its free and its stuff I don't get all the time.  But I was a good little girl and didn't give in to temptation too bad.  Then I sold some property. That always makes for a good day.

Then I got to the gym.  I was actually late to my class because of everything going on but I still got a good 50 minutes of Zumba and then did the Cut workout.  It was brutal last night.  My muscles were burning and I was soaked from head to toe.  It was a great workout.

Back to work for some more paperwork then this and that and everything in between and finally home at 10.  So you can imagine why the computer never came out of the case yesterday and my butt went straight to bed.  I tried to get up early this morning to run and I just couldn't do it but I did get to the steps.  It was another brutal workout this morning.  I'm impressed that my body is keeping up with all this because this is as extreme as I have worked out in a long time.

I was a little bit disappointed this morning though.  I weighed and even though I'm down I don't think the scales are falling as fast as they should be due to the number of calories I'm burning a day.  I'm hoping I have scared my body and it thinks something crazy is going on (and it is) and it holding on for now.  Hopefully the scales will catch up soon because I can see how this would be discouraging if I was just starting out. 

I can tell a difference in my body and the fact that my Cut workout is getting easier that my body is changing I just want the scales to reflect the work that I am doing.

Ill be back to you today and try not to keep you hanging for so long again.  Workout hard today...we have a weigh in in 3 days.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Long Day

This day has been great as far as my workouts but I didn't do so good on the food.  Most of the time when I have lots of workouts I tend to be more hungry.  I didn't eat any junk just too much.  I was only planning on swimming a few laps tonight but after I ate too much tonight I went ahead and swam a while.

I actually swam for 30 minutes which was just over half a mile.  I lost count of my laps on the first or second one so I just started counting again.  I am tired tonight so that apparently makes me stupid.  I cant count to 18.

I am finally home after the crazy working out and working today that this is as far as my dirty laundry made it.

I don't know who I think I am...I don't have a maid that comes in and cleans up after me so I should have just taken them to the dirty laundry.  Now that's one more trip that I have to take tonight.  Also, that is my living room floor, not the bedroom.  I could deal with dirty clothes on the bedroom floor over night but not the living room.  Ohhhhhh the insanity.

So I am heading off to bed for some quality sleep.  I have a day tomorrow that kinda resembles today.  I tried to put a new event in my calendar and my blackberry started vibrating and shouting "NO MORE!"

Have a good night....Ill see you back here tomorrow!


My workouts this morning went great.  I was up bright and early this morning to go running, and it went great.  I was able to keep up at a pace faster than I normally run.  I was really scared that I wasn't going to be able to keep up but it was a really great run.  Very very few walk breaks and none over a minute.  I was really pleased. It is defiantly more fun to run with people...I'm a convert.

Then we had steps after the run.  My legs were pretty whipped after the 3 mile run but I didn't want to quit before I finished.  So another mile in at the steps.  Whew!!!!  That was a tough morning.

It is now 11:00 am and I just now put on my make-up because I just now quit sweating.  I showered and got to work and sweated the whole way here.  I hope that means I am still burning calories.

Tonight I have a late night at work and then a few laps in the pool (that's code for HOT TUB!)  Then some sleep.  My body is running on empty right now.  And why is it that the more workouts or the better workouts are the ones that make you hungry.  I have a hunger right now that cannot be silenced.  I had my breakfast before the morning workouts and I just didn't think I would use up all those wonderful calories an hour and a half before lunch.

We had some newbies at the stairs this morning and I am so happy to see new people out there working out.  It is great to see people getting out there and moving.  They are taking control.

So I'm off to an early lunch today and I'm sure I will be back here before the day is over.   Hope you have a good one!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking a Big Step

Ill start with my day, then Ill tell you whats new.  That ought to keep you reading. 

My day today was crazy busy so I didn't get to post through out the day like I like to, but I was able to fit everything in.  I slept in a little bit this morning because my body was exhausted and I just needed the extra rest.  It felt so good to turn off the alarm and not worry about it for another hour.  I am blessed to have a job that does not require me to be there at a certain time.

For breakfast this morning I had a wonderful open faced egg sandwich.  It gave me the taste of the egg sandwich that I love without having the calories of the miracle whip and 2 slices of bread.  It was soooo good.  I didn't have a morning workout today because I had 2 hard workouts tonight. 

Zumba was extremely tough tonight, hot and crazy sweaty.  I had to leave for about 10 minutes today to go pick up my car (YES! I finally got my car back and it is great).  I got back and finished up Zumba then on to the Cut workout.  I am still incredibly fascinated with this workout.  I am not sore but my body is physically exhausted when I finish it.  The finish is the best part.  Today was another hill climb, 12 incline 6 mph.  Whew!

So I am finally home tonight and I don't have anything left except abs and shower. 

My new thing tomorrow...I'm a little bit scared about.  I am going to run with people.  I know this sounds weird because I run a lot but this is the first time that I am actually going to go for a run with other people.  I am a little bit insecure about running with others.  I don't want to be the one that is too slow for the group or the one that cant run the whole time without walking a little.  But tomorrow morning I am going for my first group run.  I just dont want to be so far behind everyone that I get embarassed.  I know the importance of having a workout partner so why shouldn't I have a running partner.  And to make this better this woman said if I did the marathon she would do it with big pressure to her too.  Ha Ha.

I'm hoping this will help me get out there and run with others more often.  After my morning run I am then heading to the stairs.  I have to get the majority of my workout in in the morning tomorrow because I have to work late tomorrow night and I don't have a Cut workout tomorrow night, woo hoo!  I think I can get in a few laps at the pool tomorrow night and call it a day.

Hope you all had a great day today and got in a great workout.  If you are interested in running the stairs in the morning drop me an email...


Mandy is a Loser

Mandy I hope I didn't offend you with the title but I have to brag on you a little bit.  Mandy was our biggest loser in pounds this week.  She is one that gave me a typical day of what she eats and does to lose the weight.

This is her story.

Typical Day….
7:10: Wake up, get the kiddo to hit the snooze button twice more before we actually get up for the day.
7:30: Rush around getting ready to head out the door, making breakfast etc.
8:10: Head to daycare/work on the bike. It’s only about 10 minutes, but every little bit helps
8:30: Start work. Eat breakfast.

Breakfast Smoothie

1/3 cup cherries (50 cal)
¾ cup frozen peach slices (45 cal)
½ cup fat free yogurt (50 cal)
¼ cup skim milk ( 25 cal)
Hemp protein powder ( 100 cal)

10:00: Walk to get the mail (8 blocks round trip)
10:30: Snack – 20 almonds (100 cal)
12:00: Walk to Curves, work out
1:00: Back to work, eat Lunch

Buffalo Chicken Wrap (300 cal)
Veggies (50 cal)
2 cups Watermelon (90 cal)

3:30: Walk to mail
4:30: Pick up kiddo, bike home (the long way, about ½ hour)
5:00: Make supper

Cup of Spaghetti Squash (50 cal)
Cup of Broccoli (50 cal)
Baked Fish (200 cal)
½ cup strawberry ice cream on a sugar cone (250 cal)

6:00: Swimming Pool with kiddo (lots of playing, and a half hour of running in the water)
8:00: Head home, bath & bedtime for the kiddo, make lunches, do laundry, clean up
9:30: Abs & Arms
10:00: Shower & Bed!

Total Cal 1360

She is trying to eat between 1400-1600 cal a day.

This is her day and obviously it is working for her.  She had a lost last week of 8.6 lbs.  Thanks for taking the time to send all this to me...others are wanting this info.

Week 2 Day 1

Well I have officially completed the first day of Week 2.  I had my Cut workout tonight and it was a doozie.  I just am not understanding how normal exercises can be so hard when they are all paired together.  I had a friend come with me tonight and I really thought she was going to puke.  It was actually kinda funny because I remember the first one that I did, I was pretty sure that I was going to puke too.  I have actually gotten past that point but it is still hard.

The worst part of this workout was Circuit 5.  It was 5 30 second sprints at 9 mph.  It was so fast I the treadmill was whistling.  It hurt!!!!!  I continued to sweat for the next 20 minutes after we were done. 

I had to go to the Wal-Mart after my workout, I like going late because its not so crowded.  I had to go because otherwise I would not be able to eat tomorrow.  No eggs, bread, fruit, meat....I was out of everything.  I have to fix food for tomorrow then off to bed. 

Have a good night....and lets get ready for another good week.

Monday, July 19, 2010

(Deep Breath and Sigh) Ahhhhh Monday

I know most people don't really like Mondays but when Monday is weigh day it makes my whole day better.

I always for the last year have had my cheat day on Sunday.  It just seemed like the best day for me.  I had the night off from Target the night before got a good nights sleep on Saturday weighed in on Sunday morning and then cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat...for one whole day.  Then when the work week started back no more cheating and the same process for the entire week. 

Well I tried to have a cheat day on Saturday and we all know how well that worked out for me.  Up in weight for the weigh in.  So, my new cheat day is Monday, after the weigh in.  It will work better on this program because I need to learn that just because its a weekend that my diet is still going on.

Today however I have enjoyed my extra food here and there and all those things I don't ever Pizza.  Most of the time my cheat day makes me sick and I think, I'm never doing that again, but 7 days is all the time I need to become stupid again and eat what I want again.

This morning we had a smaller crowd at the steps but I knew that would happen, we had 2 on vacation and one that has to work but it was a great run this morning.  It was breezy outside and not blazing hot.  We actually ran a mile up and down stairs.  That is still kinda hard for me to believe.  It felt so good and I think I'm still burning calories from it. 

And tonight I start back with day 8 of the Cut workout.  I have missed it a little bit, just a little.  When I'm following it I don't have to put my own workout together so that's nice but the fact that it is killing me is the not so nice part.  I have a friend doing it with me tonight....that makes it better.  Just to know someone is hurting as bad as you makes it better.  I guess it really is true that misery loves company.

I was so proud of everyone that has taken on this challenge.  We are off to a good start and I am just proud.  I don't have another word for it.  Proud!!!  Ladies (and gentleman) good luck this upcoming week.  Lets all remember how much it sucks to have lost 6 and then gain a few back over the weekend and lets not have that happen again.

Week 1 Results are (Almost) All IN

I am going to go ahead and post the information that I have and I will add to it all day until we get them all.


I know the picture is not great, I actually had to adjust the colors a little bit because you couldn't see the numbers but it says 237.8.  For all those who read over the weekend as of Sunday I was back to my start weight after having been down 8 lbs.  I'm sure it was water weight from the salty dinner the night before but I was really scared that I was going to have big fat 0 on the scale.

Well my grand total over all was 6 lbs.  I am happy with this.  I am trying to lose 7 a week so I will take 6 and work just a little bit harder next week.  I am going to throw in a swimming workout again this week because I love how that felt, more stairs and more sleep.  I am hoping a combination of all those things will help me get my pound a day and then one more.

As far as the other players go I am so excited to report that so far everyone has lost weight.  Some were so excited to send them in because they had a good week.  Others a little disappointed but so far they are all heading in the right direction.  Here are the results so far...

If you click the link above you can go back and see the before picture.

Jennifer H.:

Starting Weight:  220
Week ONE:  214
Total Weight Loss so Far:  6


Starting Weight:  234
Week ONE:  230
Total Weight Loss so Far:  4


Starting Weight:  219
Week ONE:  216
Total Weight Loss so Far:  3


Starting Weight:  234
Week ONE:  229
Total Weight Loss so Far:  5


Starting Weight:  228
Week ONE:  222.5
Total Weight Loss so Far:  5.5


Starting Weight:  165
Week ONE:  159
Total Weight Loss so Far:  6.6


Starting Weight:  233
Week ONE:  229
Total Weight Loss so Far:  4


Starting Weight:  188
Week ONE:  184
Total Weight Loss so Far:  4


Starting Weight:  171
Week ONE:   169
Total Weight Loss so Far: 2


Starting Weight:  161
Week ONE:  159
Total Weight Loss so Far:  2


Starting Weight:  175
Week ONE:  168
Total Weight Loss so Far:  7

Donna :

Starting Weight:  201
Week ONE:  199.5
Total Weight Loss so Far:  1.5


Starting Weight:  237
Week ONE: 232
Total Weight Loss so Far:  5


Starting Weight:  186
Week ONE:  184
Total Weight Loss So Far:  2


Starting Weight:  141

Week ONE: 
Total Weight Loss So Far:


Starting Weight:  270

Week ONE:  270
Total Weight Loss So Far:  0


Starting Weight:  225

Week ONE: 225
Total Weight Loss So Far:  0


Starting Weight:  301

Week ONE:  292
Total Weight Loss So Far:  9


Starting Weight:  166
Week One:  164
Total Weight Loss So Far:  2


Starting Weight:  166
Week One:  163
Total Weight Loss So FAR:  3


Starting Weight:  230
Week One:  226
Total Weight Loss So FAR:  4


Starting Weight: 228

Week One: 228
Total Weight Loss So FAR: 0

We have 3 that have still not sent a weight.  I am so proud of these ladies and One Gentleman that I just cant contain it.  Everyone is working so hard and it is really showing.   We had a lot this week that were down further than the weight they gave today (including me) but put a few on over the weekend.  This happens, but we are not changing the weigh in day...this way you have to be strong over the weekend too.

You will notice that some of these names have a link attached to them.  If you click on the name it will take you to their blog or facebook page and follow along with them as well.  Ive been trying to find a way to help you keep up with all of them.

I have had a request to post the day of some of the people who have been having some success...well I asked and they have sent some info.  Ive got one more sending in what she is eating in a typical day and I will have it for you tomorrow.  Keep up the good work girls, and even if you gained or didn't lose any keep trying it will come off. 

Soooooo Proud.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not So Good

My day today went great, but my eating was not so good today.  I did good until dinner when I ate Mexican, and I didn't over do it, but its so full of sodium and I'm scared I'm going to hold weight from it.  I did get in a workout in the pool today but never got my run in so I am afraid that I have ruined my good weight loss for the week in one day. 

I had been down quite a few pounds this week and I will be kicking myself if the scales don't represent it on Monday.  I have tomorrow to make up for it but man.....why do we do such stupid things to ourselves like this?  I know I'm not the only one out there that does stuff like this, that's why I said we.

I have to squeeze a workout in tomorrow, I was on track to be able to get a good hard workout in and now my day has gotten full and I have an hour and a half to really make it count. 

My swim today was pretty amazing...I haven't gotten that workout in a while.  I love to swim but I never feel like it is as good of a workout as others.  I swam laps and did some kick board work and it really helped with my soreness.  Then I got the luxury of the hot tub, and I love the hot tub.

I also got a little nappy this afternoon which helped me have a little more energy for my night out.  Sometimes a 1 hour power nap is all you need to rejuvenate.

So tomorrow is a full day and I'm trying everything in my power not to have to get up early to workout but that is really looking like the only option that I am going to have.  One more day to the first weigh in for our 4 week challenge.

Good luck girls....I hope you have a great weight loss this week.

Update:  I want to say one more thing since this post and your comments...I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner tonight.  It was great food and great company.  Normally it doesn't bother me when I eat Mexican food and when I'm up a pound or two but being in this challenge I really want to be able to lose the 30 lbs and just hate little slips.  I'm not normally this neurotic about my food.

Good Nights Sleep

Oh all I needed for my body to quit bad I didn't get one.  To be fair, I slept really good just not very long.  Hello, 4:15am wake up call.  I do not know how people get up at this time and function with normal society.  I don't think 4am would have been so hard but I am still really struggling with getting over my night shift schedule. My body wants to stay up late and wake up late. I got to work and made the coffee immediately.  OK I really am going to stop complaining about it.  I only have to do it every so often but dude this crap is for the birds.

I did get in my Cut workout last night.  My body cooperated for the most part, the lunges and my sore legs were a little painful but this morning they are feeling much better so I think I worked out some of the soreness.  There is one part of the circuit that you have to run a hill climb at 5.5mph at a 10 incline.  That is the one that kills me.  Overall so far I really cant believe that I am able to do it, and I can tell I'm getting stronger from it.  The workouts hurt less everyday and now that I'm used to it, it changes.  I get the next 2 days off from the circuit and then we start again.  For the next two days I have cardio and lots of stretching.  I packed my bathing suit today to get in the pool.  I'm hoping to swim a mile and then run this afternoon once it cools off a little bit. 

I normally slack off on the weekends, few more calories, little less working out so today I'm using as my cheat day.  When I say cheat day I don't mean 3000 calories and no workout but I will get to have between 1600-1800 calories today and normally I don't workout on Saturday (other than mowing the yard or running) but today I will be getting that part in.  I know most people will use there food cheat day on the same day they have a big workout, but this has been working for me so I will take advantage of that. 

I'm going to let you go for now, I have to kill this fly that is swarming my nose.  I cant imagine why I would not be back today.....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ouchy Ouch, Ouch Ouch

OK the stairs have finally caught up to me. I hurt from head to toe.  My butt and my thighs and the knee are the worst of all.  I am loving this workout but I am hating the way my body feels at this very moment.  I have been lucky today that I didn't have a lot of crazy stuff to do and have gotten to sit down for a while.  Normally, I would be up and down all day long and that just seems to make it worse.

Well I'm at job number 2 right now going over my workout for tonight and boy am I ready for it.  I don't think I could lift a pen right now, but I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it well.  Then I'm gonna go home, puke (or maybe not, I'm kinda getting used to this workout) and sleep.  I have to be at work at 5 am so sleep is important. 

I often wondered when I worked at Target who in the world was driving at 4-5am.  I was coming home from work and there were always people on the roads.  I get it I was one of them, I just didn't understand it.  I know now that those are all the ill people who have to open the gym in the morning. 

I have heard from lots of the players today and it seems like everyone is doing so well.  Of course there are struggles out there but for the most part I think they are losing weight and working really really hard to do it.  I'm so proud of them...Keep up the good work.

Ill probably post again before the night is up but no guarantee so at least check back tomorrow.

Heat Wave!!!!

I have to figure out how to get a sound clip on here because most of my titles are inspired by songs.  I think I have a slight case of musical tourettes.

We went and ran the steps this morning again and today we had a much bigger turn out...probably because we told more people...go figure.  Today the goal was to run it 6 times and we did it.  Some of the runners this morning stopped after 3 trips to walk around the track but that is still an incredible feat.  One trip of stairs is 174 steps, I counted today.  So those that made it the whole trip traveled over 1000 steps.  I know I'm feeling every single one of them.  It was fun to get a group out there doing this together.  One of them brought a camera and got some more pictures and I'm thinking she will email me a copy. (hint hint)

Well, while we were running the steps I could see old tractor tires that I'm guessing the football team uses for practice and conditioning.  I may get in trouble for this but I just had to see if I could push it over.  My nephews do this in football practice and I have always wanted to try it.  So I snuck down there after we were done and flipped one.  I GOT IT ALL THE WAY OVER!!!  Now let me just say, it took everything in my body to get that stupid thing off the ground....I really didn't expect them to be that heavy.  I couldn't do it a second time.

So now after a shower I am still sweating and hot...not hot Hot HOT!!!!  My hair kinda looks like crap and I sweated through my shirt.  So I'm sitting really still in my air conditioned office and trying not to move because I don't want to sweat anymore till my next workout. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guest Post about Emily- She's Pretty Cool

Guest Post from Maggie (Emily's sister)

I love Kelly’s Korner Show us Your Life and have always wanted to post something so here goes…this week was about single people and I have a great one for you. My sister, Emily. She is 26 and full of life. She is the youngest of 4 girls and an aunt to 9 nieces and nephews. I can honestly say she loves with all her heart. Emily has been on a weight loss journey for about 2 years now and refuses to give up until she reaches her goal. She is determined to do it the right way (diet, exercise, etc.) and won’t quit until she gets there. She is a college graduate with a degree in Music something (I can’t remember). She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. She even sang at my wedding. She sings in our church praise band and anywhere else she wants to! She works 2 jobs, helps care for our mother AND works out all the time and yet she still seems to hardly ever miss anything the 9 nieces and nephews are doing. (Trust me they do a lot…softball, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, school functions, etc). She is going to be a GREAT mother and a loving wife. She has a good example. Our parents have been married 40 years this August! I pray for Emily to find a man who will love her and our family as much as we will love him. There are 18 of us so there is a lot to love! Emily is full of life and has a pure and giving heart. I hope she finds someone just like that. I know this is her blog but if you want to get to know Emily, email her at Good luck to all the single men and women out there!

Day 4 Coming to an End

I will start off with my day got much better after my last post.  I got in a great workout tonight and it perked me right up.  I still don't know what is wrong with my car and I am driving the Service Dept. Truck.  I look good in a truck.  I had the realization after I posted that I could have been stuck with no car or a doodie car today but I was driving a sweet ride that is much cooler than mine so I enjoyed it for the rest of the day until it ended. 

I had my first workout today, Zumba, and  boy was it a good one.  I actually did what I said and worked out in my Danskin Sports Bra, the long one.  It is just too hot to be wearing all kinds of workout clothes in there.  The less the better.  I had to go pick up a cake (Ill explain later) and then back to the gym for the Cut workout.

I got back for my second workout and had to actually workout in front of people tonight.  I really don't mind working out in a crowd but this workout has some really stupid looking exercises so I felt like a little bit of a fool.  It was another kick butt workout.  I was pouring sweat.  My body tells me that I cant do this much longer but my mind tells my body to Shut Up!  I hurt from top to bottom...literally.  I'm thinking about taking an Ice bath tonight.  That would help my soreness and cool me off a bit....yes the air is still off.

OK, on to the cake.  A woman that I work with makes the best Coffee Cake in the whole wide world.  I don't eat coffee cake and I like this one.  Its so good.  Well my sister, yes one in the contest, thinks this cake is just shy of gold.  So, we had that open house today and she made the coffee cake for the open house and the sweetheart made one for my sisters as well.  (I love a small town)  So I picked up the cake and then went back to the gym and I took the cake inside with me so it didn't get too hot in the car.  I carried it around like a baby and then delivered it after my workout.  Let me just say she did so good.  She ate a little piece tonight and is saving her big piece for tomorrow morning.  I must say, I was so proud.

I am loving the emails you all are sending.  Let me say first, you are an inspiration to me and you keep me going every single day.  You are setting an example for so many people out there that need and want to lose weight.  Keep up the good work and I cant wait for our first weekly update.  We are almost to the end of week one!  Just remember, you may be miserable right now, but it only takes 11 days to develop a strong people!!!!!

Check back tomorrow.

If You Are a Little Stressed...

Please raise your hand.

My day today has just been one of those days that wont quit.  I had an open house to attend today and was excited about it.  Some I'm not so eager to go to so that was a nice change.  I had my stuff done that I was in charge of last night so no stress this morning to get anything done.  Well, with no worries about getting to the office I decided to sit and eat a relaxing breakfast.  Well I sat and enjoyed too long and there fore was running late.  Running late first thing in the morning!!!!!

On my way out to the open house my car broke down.  Now it didn't break all the way down, it will still run it just wont accelerate.  What good does that do me?  So my sweet daddy came and swapped cars with  me and drove mine to the dealership.  I still don't know whats wrong....that's really not the point.  I want it to work fine and not be broken down at all.  There are things in my car that I just don't think about needing like my garage door opener.  I don't really know how I'm going to get in my house tonight.  And to top it off I need new tires on the car....well Ive needed them for 2 months now and have been putting that off.  Not anymore, Dad saw how bad the tires were so they are just going to replace them too.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

That's about it for my day but I am incredibly frustrated.  I know that in the grand scheme of life those are little things but I like to work on a schedule and organization and this really throws a wrench in my day.  I'm heading off to Zumba today and then my Cut workout.  I'm ready for the joy of the gym otherwise I would be enjoying Oreos.

So, if your frustrated like I have been today...go do something else to take your mind off the problems at hand.  It doesn't have to be exercise but something to keep your hand out of the cookie jar.  I really have to keep myself from eating when I'm stressed and I think others struggle with the same thing.

Oh but on a side note at my open house there was a pretty little flower arrangement on the table so I stole a daisy (my favorite flower ever) and I am now wearing it in my hair.  This way when I catch my own reflection in the mirror it makes me smile. Have a Good One!

The FatGirl Dictionary

I updated the FatGirl Dictionary today, I thought of a few more that I couldnt believe had been forgotten.  Check it out.

Fat to Fit

This is one of my favorite blog hops of the week.  It allows me to find others trying to lose weight and get healthy.  Hope you enjoy following this FatGirl!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I got a great workout in today with the stairs this morning and once I got to the gym tonight to work I though I would go through my book and see what the workout for tonight was.  Well Hello! guess what?  I don't have circuits tonight.  I get to take night 3 off from the torture.  Don't you worry out there, I will be getting a workout in tonight just not what I thought I was going to have to do.

I talked this morning about the workout on the stairs and how it was great and I enjoyed it.  The longer the day has gone on and the more my body hurts I think it is possibly the best workout Ive gotten in a while.  My arms are sore from pulling up the steps, my legs are tender for the obvious reasons, it was free, no membership fees and it was quick.  That could meet all my criteria for a good workout.  I'm excited to go back again and do just a little bit more, maybe take the big steps for a few times.

My struggle so far in this program seems funny but it is legit.  I log my calories everyday...well I haven't changed my eating very much for this program so I didn't think I would have a problem with my calories.  I like to say anywhere from 1200-1600 calories a day, depending on the day and I never go below 1200.  Below is just dangerous.  So for the last two days I have not met my 1200 calories.  I thought my foods were planned out right but they obviously are not so I have had to do some tweaking today.  Well in my tweaking I managed to take in 1590 today.  I am striving for 1200-1400 throughout this program and so far I am unsuccessful.  We will go at it again tomorrow and hope for the best. 

I have gotten some emails today from players was telling me they were down a few pounds, good for you.  Some were mad because they weren't.  Mandy said, "Day 2 was easier than day one!  I did the gym at lunch, and then we went swimming for an hour and a half.  Then arms and abs, the fell into bed.  I was too tired to think about snacking."

I have two that have contacted me to say they have lost 3lbs or better.  I had one lady tell me she will not be weighing until Monday because she sometimes let the scale dictate what kind of day she is going to have.  I kinda like this theory so I don't think I will be weighing in between weekly weigh ins either.  I don't really care if you weigh or not but I find my readings more accurate if its not everyday.  Ive heard that you can have a 5lb difference in only water weight from day to day. 

You guys are rocking it out there!!!

Some of you that follow along know that everyone is following their own diet plan, nothing set in stone that everyone is following together.  I already cant wait for the first weeks results. 

Check back tomorrow for more updates.


30Well as promised I remembered the camera this morning so I have some photos of the stair run this morning.  It was actually a really good workout.  We made 4 trips total on one side of the stadium and then made one lap around the entire stadium.  It was an amazing workout and fun all at the same time.

This was the stadium we ran...over and over and over again.

This was me running up the very last time.  I actually had to run just a little bit more to get this picture.

Oh me oh my the tight pants were necessary for this workout...I was pooped at this point.  We still had 2 more to go.

It's over, we thought the Rocky thing would be funny, now that I see it, it really isn't that funny.

Post workout, that's a lot of sweat but it was seriously a fun workout.

I remember when this was punishment in high school, there were rules to running stadiums, if you puke you start over, if you get caught by the person behind you you start over, if you fall or skip steps you start over.  We didn't break any rules so we didn't have to start over.

I have already had a few more people say they wanted to come when we go again.  I hope you all make it, I'm thinking we can do 5-6 trips next time.  If you are interested in coming to run steps drop me an email.  Ill let you know when.

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