Saturday, July 10, 2010

Amazon Associate

New things again.  I have been chosen to be an Amazon Associate so now on my sidebar you can see some of my favorite weight loss, diet, and exercise products.  I am asked all the time what books I have read or what that thing is on my arm.  Well now you can see them in my favorites and if you would like one you can purchase it through the link on my sidebar.  I am excited about having it on my blog...finally.

You may also see some links within the post.  Those are put there by me.  I give free advertising to plenty of products on here so I thought maybe I could get a little kick back from it.  

1 comment:

creatingsarah said...

I've been buying a LOT of stuff off amazon lately, and I love to see what others are buying. What a cool little gadget ya got there. (:

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