Monday, July 12, 2010

And They're Off!

So today is the big day for the weight loss contest.  I will start with my info and then on to all the contestants.

My before picture was a little bit of a challenge from another contestant.  She said weight in in what Biggest Loser Contestants wear, well I cant wear that to work so I put on a tight tank and that's as good as it gets.

I will be doing Jillian Michaels Making the Cut.

And my starting weight is...

I am actually really happy with this number.  I didn't intentionally gain this week but I did eat what I wanted.  I have been weighing 240 for the last 2 months almost everyday.  So I am pleased with a little bit of a cushion.

Now...On to the other players.

She is kinda the co-creator of this little game we are playing.  She will be following the Phase One by Doug Kaufmann.

Starting Weight:  186

Jennifer H

Starting Weight: 220

Jennifer will be following the Slimfast Program.


Starting Weight:  234
Following Weight Watchers


I love this picture!
Starting weight: 201


Starting Weight:  234

She will be participating in P90X with Hubby!  Love the family participation.


Starting Weight: 301


Starting Weight:  219
My boss lady...I hope this challenge doesn't get me fired.


Starting Weight: 188

Jennifer P

Starting Weight:  166


Starting Weight: 237
Wants to lose 80lbs overall.


Starting Weight:  228
Wants to lose 60 lbs overall.

Starting Weight:  165


 Starting Weight: 225


Starting Weight: 230


Starting Weight: 16 stone 12 lbs
or 236


Starting Weight: 166
Wants to lose 20lbs.

We have a few more that didn't want their picture online but still wanted to play along. Don't worry I'm trying to get them to allow a picture. I think I can get them eventually!

Starting Weight: 141

Starting Weight: 270

Starting Weight: 228

And you have to love some family support.  2 of my sisters and my bro in law have decided to play.  I don't think he really wanted too but I needed a boy in the program.  He will lose 30 in like 5 minutes.

Fat Boy in a Little Shirt (He chose his name)
Its a whole little song from the movie Tommy Boy.

Starting Weight: 234

Liz (Big Mama)

Starting Weight:  175

She will be doing the Special K diet plan.  And she really only needs to lose 20 lbs to be at her target weight.


Starting Weight: 233

This is the group that does not have 30 to lose but they wanted to play along for the accountability and I really think they just wanted to be on the blog


Starting Weight: 161

Has about 24 pounds left to get to her goal weight.


Starting Weight: 166

Following Weight Watchers.

Starting Weight: 171
Goal is to Lose 20 in 30.

So those are your Contestants for the 30lbs in 30 Days.  We represent 5 states and 2 countries.  I have to commend each of these women for playing along and taking a chance.  Trust me, I know it is hard to put your weight and photo online for others to see, but guess what, I really does help.

Wish us Luck!


Anonymous said...

Haha, that's it... I just wanted to get on your blog :) That and my system needs a good shock!

Elizabeth said...

way to go, group! just starting this is amazing! and when it gets hard, remember how inspiring you all are to the rest of us!

The Smittys said...

What a great contest! Good luck to all!

Angela said...

Thanks Emily for putting all this together for us! I saw several faces I recognize and a few dear friends on the list. It is nice to know we are all in this together!

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