Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Day

I got home last night pretty late and finally got into be a little after midnight.  I was trying to plan for my day today but I was pretty tired so I finally just packed my lunch laid out my clothes and then went to bed.  I thought about waking up early to run today, but as we all know I do not like to wake up early.

What is it with these crazy fitness people that makes them think 5:30 am is a good time to do anything.  Anyway, that being said with the school year fixing to kick off we are fixing to have to move our morning steps to about 5:30.  Ohhhhh my goodness!!!!!!!  I know once I can finally get my body adjusted to my new schedule I will be able to get up earlier but I am still trying to fight the up all night mindset.  Its amazing how long it can take your body to adjust. I think I'm going to swap my run and stairs so I can do the steps then the run and really not have to wake up much earlier than normal.  And maybe I can beat the heat of the day all together.

Today I have only afternoon workouts.  My Zumba class has been can canceled for the rest of the week, what will I do?  I will be dancing at home all by my lonesome I guess.  Tonight I am swimming, then the Cut workout (which was brutal last night, cant wait to see tonight's workout) and then run.  Now I wish I had just gotten up this morning and done it before work, but I still think a little sleep may have been more important.

I am very excited to sit down in front of my TV for an hour tonight.  I get to watch Losing It with Jillian.  I hope it is a good one tonight.  I am enjoying this show, because of the obsession.....but is it just me or is anyone ready for Biggest Loser to come back?  I have been talking with my friend who made it to like the 5th round of the audition process.  She didn't make it on the show but after talking to her I just get more and more excited about it.  I'm thinking we should have auditioned together because she could have carried me on her heels to get to the show.  How cool would that have been.  I may go to the next open casting call just for the fun of it again.  

Hope all my 30 in 30 peeps are working hard, we only have 2 weeks left and many more pounds to lose.  Keep it up!!

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Traci said...

Losing It ended last week. Tonight is something new at the same time slot. It's that motivational speaker guy. I am so ready for Biggest Loser to come back already. I know they have been taping a ton since I follow Jillian on facebook. She's great at letting everyone know things that are going on. You could always watch a week you missed online.

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