Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog Awards

Thank you thank you thank you to Traci for giving me this award.  I was kind of shocked and surprised but very honored.

Rules, the rules for the award are as follows:

1. Thank the person giving the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

7 Things....Its hard to think of seven things sometimes.

1.  I started blogging and never told anyone about I hope more people follow everyday.  I'm kinda obsessed with it now.  I didn't read other peoples blogs or anything.  Now I can think of 15 off the top of my head and I am sad that I have to leave anyone off.

2. I think blogging has made me a Narcissist.  I'm constantly taking pictures of myself for the posts. Ha Ha

3.  I work better under pressure (or a challenge.)  And I love it when someone tells me I can't do something.

4.  I think 5 minutes spent with my family or friends or both is more fun than an hour of alone time.  I like to be alone but it is way more fun to hang with others.  I can be alone when I'm asleep.

5.  I am a 4th child and yes I am spoiled.  But it may not be what you think.  My older sisters spoil me just as bad as the parents.  My favorite are when they buy birthday presents and wrap them and all I have to do is pay back.

6.  I don't like to go to the doctor unless completely necessary.  Most of the time things only hurt for a few days and then they are better...if it last much longer then that I will usually go.

7.  I want to be on the cover of People Magazine's Half My Size Issue.  Now, I still have to lose half my size and I'm not there yet, but that's the goal.

Nominate 15 Newly Discovered Blogs

1.  Murder By Diet
2.  Creating the me I've always wanted to be
3.  Six Cherries On Top
4.  The Scales Say What!?
5.  The Adventures of Goober Grape & Monkey Man
6.  Diary of a Fat Mom
7.  Treadmill Mama
8.  Waisting Time
9.  Trainer Momma
10.  Diminishing Lucy
11.  Living on Food and Wine
12.  Diary of a Rookie Triathlete
13.  Reflections and Renegades
14.  Traci's Treasures
15.  Fat Girl vs. World


Lucy said...

Oh, thank you so much!

Marla Logan said...

I continue to follow your blog, and I think I'm as obsessed about reading it as you are posting! I commend you for your weight loss efforts! I also admire how you gotten other people on board! Keep up the good work!

Renegades said...

Thank you so much Emily! You inspire me to keep on my diet journey and you have made my day by giving me this award. It's my first and I'm as excited as a kid in a candy store... I mean a vegetable market. Yeah I recall I'm dieting. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nom!

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