Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 2 and Dinner at 9

Wow, is the only word that perfectly describes today.

I got to go to my Zumba class tonight, then I had to go show property, then back to the gym (thank goodness I had a change of clothes cause the Zumba ones were soaked)  Zumba was a kick butt workout today.  I was really giving it my all.  I was loving the workout I was getting and kicking myself at the same time.  Why is it that when there is a challenge my workout intensity is so much better?  I should be working that hard all the time.  So my crazy workout left me soaking wet, I could have rung the sweat out of my shirt.

So I changed back into my work clothes and showed property.  Back to the gym.  It was time for the Making the Cut workout.  And it did not let me down tonight.  My Zumba buddy Beth came back to do it with me.  It actually made the workout a little bit better but it was still harder than anything Ive done.   In the book it says do each circuit once but for a more intense workout do each one twice.  Yesterday I the first one twice and thought "screw this."  Today we made it through 2 circuits twice before we went to once. 

Beth must be crazy for coming back for that, but it was a great workout.  The 5.5 mph climb at an incline of 10 was definitely the hardest part of the workout today.  It was insane!

Well the sensation to puke was still there but today it held off longer than yesterday and I am already over it.  I know this workout will get easier the more I do it but right now...whew!  I think I should post before the workout because after it I am pretty sure I am going to die!  I feel so much better tonight than last that I am actually packing my food for tomorrow and doing laundry instead of being prone on the couch.  I can ice my knee and do laundry, last night I couldn't even get the ice on my leg.

After my workout I had to go to Wal-Mart.  I could not eat breakfast in the morning or do my hair if I didn't stop.  Well I went into Wal-Mart in my tight pants (with sweat stains) my cutoff t-shirt and the hair in the faux pony tail.  Oh and I cant forget the mascara running down my face.  I would have taken a picture if I had had a camera...it was really funny and my explanation is not doing it justice.  I was a little bit embarrassed but I still had to go and I wasn't going to take a shower to run in and get 2 things.

I'm going to let you all get back to your nights because I know I have other things to do too. To my other players...hope you all are still hanging in there...28 days to go.  For the rest of you...thanks for your support, and I hope you are following along at home with us.

Check back tomorrow!

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Elizabeth said...

hehe! it was a tough workout last night! wish i had time to keep it up with you! it sure would help....and i think that's a workout where i need an accountability partner! whew! maybe i need to try and do that book again. hmm..i wonder how 5 am before school each day would work?
GO TEAM 30!!!!

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