Friday, July 9, 2010

Day is Done

Finally off from work, got a great Zumba workout today in a 90 degree room.  I swear if it is that hot again I'm going to work out in my sports bra and that's enough motivation for anyone to turn on the air.  I worked at the gym after Zumba until close, went to the grocery store, and finally home.  I got in another little mini workout after I got home but nothing over the top, just a little cardio and lots of abs.  I'm thinking a six pack (abs that is) might be nice!

After my workouts last night I was a little bit sore this morning, but as the day went on I got more and more sore.  By the time I got to Zumba I felt like a know little arms that cant reach the top of my head.  It was my arms and shoulders and across my back and shoulder blades.  I think it was kick boxing and all the traveling push ups that made me so sore.  I am hoping that my mini workout tonight might ease up the soreness a little, that was the idea anyway.

I am looking forward to our new challenge on Monday.  That was the reason for the grocery shopping tonight.  I got all the basics, milk, chicken, deli meat...  If I am going to be able to lose 30 lbs in 30 days then I will have to burn 3500 calories a day and I never eat below 1200 so I am being super strict with the calorie counting.  I have already been planning meals and workouts to get my target burn for the day. 

As I said yesterday, I have to be really organized with my schedule to see the greatest results in my weight loss so I guess Ill just have to get into that mind frame.  Ill see you all back here tomorrow.


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Vicky said...

you are very wise to plan ahead...i have no reason for not eating right and exercising right.... i sit at home all day most everyday.. a work-out routine is what i need... maybe walk my driveway (one mile) first thing every morning, then hit the gym every night for aerobics and weight training... there is a very steep hill in my backyard that would make an awesome workout!! but i have NO motivation... hoping this challenge will encourage me to get off my premises..

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