Monday, July 19, 2010

(Deep Breath and Sigh) Ahhhhh Monday

I know most people don't really like Mondays but when Monday is weigh day it makes my whole day better.

I always for the last year have had my cheat day on Sunday.  It just seemed like the best day for me.  I had the night off from Target the night before got a good nights sleep on Saturday weighed in on Sunday morning and then cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat...for one whole day.  Then when the work week started back no more cheating and the same process for the entire week. 

Well I tried to have a cheat day on Saturday and we all know how well that worked out for me.  Up in weight for the weigh in.  So, my new cheat day is Monday, after the weigh in.  It will work better on this program because I need to learn that just because its a weekend that my diet is still going on.

Today however I have enjoyed my extra food here and there and all those things I don't ever Pizza.  Most of the time my cheat day makes me sick and I think, I'm never doing that again, but 7 days is all the time I need to become stupid again and eat what I want again.

This morning we had a smaller crowd at the steps but I knew that would happen, we had 2 on vacation and one that has to work but it was a great run this morning.  It was breezy outside and not blazing hot.  We actually ran a mile up and down stairs.  That is still kinda hard for me to believe.  It felt so good and I think I'm still burning calories from it. 

And tonight I start back with day 8 of the Cut workout.  I have missed it a little bit, just a little.  When I'm following it I don't have to put my own workout together so that's nice but the fact that it is killing me is the not so nice part.  I have a friend doing it with me tonight....that makes it better.  Just to know someone is hurting as bad as you makes it better.  I guess it really is true that misery loves company.

I was so proud of everyone that has taken on this challenge.  We are off to a good start and I am just proud.  I don't have another word for it.  Proud!!!  Ladies (and gentleman) good luck this upcoming week.  Lets all remember how much it sucks to have lost 6 and then gain a few back over the weekend and lets not have that happen again.

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