Friday, July 23, 2010

A Few Questions?????

I like to post about new products I try and give any advice I may have.  Well today I need your help.

1.  Shorts

I have shorts that I enjoy wearing but they are just too long for me.  The get caught up on my knees when doing squats and lunges and are just all around in the way most of the time.  I love these little cute running shorts but I'm not sure that is appropriate for someone my size.  Basically I'm not comfortable in something that short.

I am looking for a pair of shorts in the middle.  About mid-thigh...long enough to cover the jiggly parts but not so long they get caught on my knees.  Please Help!!

Also, I need them to come in a 2X or a Men's XL.

2.  Pain

I have a stick/catch (whatever you call it) in my side.  It has been there for about 3 days now.  It gets worse when I am exercising but kinda hurts all the time with certain movements.  Is it normal for one to last this long or could it be a pulled muscle?  I have pulled muscles before but they hurt all the time not just when exercising....

Any thoughts on this as well?

I hope someone out there can help...sometimes you just have to go to others for some suggestions.


Tracy Williams said...

Hmmm...I'd talk to a doc or nurse or something about the "catch". Just to make sure you're not dealing with an appendicitis or something like that.

By the way, loved your guest blog post! Look at you, all famous and stuff.

Renegades said...

Have you tried the Just my size shorts at Walmart. They are cotton but cover the jiggly, yet don't hit below the knees.

As for the catch I'd see a doc or a chiropractor myself.

creatingsarah said...

Yeah, I'd definitely ask a doctor about your "catch." Nothing like that has ever happened to me. As far as the shorts go, I can't remember where I've gotten them... but I have several at that length, so they must be around! (:

Elizabeth said...

i had similar prob after my second marathon. 5 hours of breathing hard really strained those muscles or whatever. and it took over a month for it to go away. hope yours isn't like that!

Anonymous said...

If you can't find just the right shorts, you might consider wearing knee length spandex under the shorter shorts. Not a bad look and keeps "things" from rubbing together.

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