Thursday, July 1, 2010

From Good Day to Great Day

Well today was a good great day.  It started off good but I got some much done this afternoon it moved into a great day status.  The little league ball season ended last week but I haven't had a night off work since then so I haven't enjoyed a night without ball games or any plans.  Tonight after I left work I went to the gym...yes I made it to my class. 

I got to stay for the entire hour.  It was a killer workout but not too much.  I got home and started with a little yard work.  Nothing major, Ive have been trying to get this stump out for over a year and the stupid thing just wont budge, so I work on it little by little when I get a chance.  Its a good workout and productive yard work all at the same time. 

The once it started getting dark I moved inside.  I had a wonderful dinner and then started the house work that I have neglected for the last 4 nights.  Then I finally got on the treadmill.  I had a great run tonight.  Four miles in 50 minutes with very few walk breaks.  Then I started going through clothes.

When I told y'all I had some clothes given to me by my sister and aunt I was not kidding.  And I think some of these are going to work.  I folded and went through 2 huge garbage bags of clothes.  I have no idea where I am going to put all this stuff. 

Anyway, its now 12:30pm and I'm tired.  I got everything finished up that needed to be done but I did leave my living room like this.

I hate leaving things unfinished but I have no idea where to put all this.  But it will all be put up in the morning...there is no way I could leave it out like this while I was at work.  I have this fear of leaving my house a complete mess and then dying while I'm out and having to have my family come over and think I live like a slob. I understand how that sounds but that's how my little mind works.

Hope you all had a GREAT day too.  See you tomorrow!

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