Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Nights Sleep

Oh all I needed for my body to quit bad I didn't get one.  To be fair, I slept really good just not very long.  Hello, 4:15am wake up call.  I do not know how people get up at this time and function with normal society.  I don't think 4am would have been so hard but I am still really struggling with getting over my night shift schedule. My body wants to stay up late and wake up late. I got to work and made the coffee immediately.  OK I really am going to stop complaining about it.  I only have to do it every so often but dude this crap is for the birds.

I did get in my Cut workout last night.  My body cooperated for the most part, the lunges and my sore legs were a little painful but this morning they are feeling much better so I think I worked out some of the soreness.  There is one part of the circuit that you have to run a hill climb at 5.5mph at a 10 incline.  That is the one that kills me.  Overall so far I really cant believe that I am able to do it, and I can tell I'm getting stronger from it.  The workouts hurt less everyday and now that I'm used to it, it changes.  I get the next 2 days off from the circuit and then we start again.  For the next two days I have cardio and lots of stretching.  I packed my bathing suit today to get in the pool.  I'm hoping to swim a mile and then run this afternoon once it cools off a little bit. 

I normally slack off on the weekends, few more calories, little less working out so today I'm using as my cheat day.  When I say cheat day I don't mean 3000 calories and no workout but I will get to have between 1600-1800 calories today and normally I don't workout on Saturday (other than mowing the yard or running) but today I will be getting that part in.  I know most people will use there food cheat day on the same day they have a big workout, but this has been working for me so I will take advantage of that. 

I'm going to let you go for now, I have to kill this fly that is swarming my nose.  I cant imagine why I would not be back today.....

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