Friday, July 23, 2010

Great Days...

Ill start with the apology for not posting at all yesterday, but I really never had the chance to post anything.  I was in my car from 7am until I got home about 10pm last night.  I had a running around day.  I sat down maybe 4 times all day and none of them were 10 minutes long when I got home, I hit the sack and didn't even check up before I got there.

Yesterday, however, was a phenomenal day.  I got lots of stuff accomplished.  We had an open house and I didn't over eat...that's rare.  It good food and its free and its stuff I don't get all the time.  But I was a good little girl and didn't give in to temptation too bad.  Then I sold some property. That always makes for a good day.

Then I got to the gym.  I was actually late to my class because of everything going on but I still got a good 50 minutes of Zumba and then did the Cut workout.  It was brutal last night.  My muscles were burning and I was soaked from head to toe.  It was a great workout.

Back to work for some more paperwork then this and that and everything in between and finally home at 10.  So you can imagine why the computer never came out of the case yesterday and my butt went straight to bed.  I tried to get up early this morning to run and I just couldn't do it but I did get to the steps.  It was another brutal workout this morning.  I'm impressed that my body is keeping up with all this because this is as extreme as I have worked out in a long time.

I was a little bit disappointed this morning though.  I weighed and even though I'm down I don't think the scales are falling as fast as they should be due to the number of calories I'm burning a day.  I'm hoping I have scared my body and it thinks something crazy is going on (and it is) and it holding on for now.  Hopefully the scales will catch up soon because I can see how this would be discouraging if I was just starting out. 

I can tell a difference in my body and the fact that my Cut workout is getting easier that my body is changing I just want the scales to reflect the work that I am doing.

Ill be back to you today and try not to keep you hanging for so long again.  Workout hard today...we have a weigh in in 3 days.

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