Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guest Post about Emily- She's Pretty Cool

Guest Post from Maggie (Emily's sister)

I love Kelly’s Korner Show us Your Life and have always wanted to post something so here goes…this week was about single people and I have a great one for you. My sister, Emily. She is 26 and full of life. She is the youngest of 4 girls and an aunt to 9 nieces and nephews. I can honestly say she loves with all her heart. Emily has been on a weight loss journey for about 2 years now and refuses to give up until she reaches her goal. She is determined to do it the right way (diet, exercise, etc.) and won’t quit until she gets there. She is a college graduate with a degree in Music something (I can’t remember). She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. She even sang at my wedding. She sings in our church praise band and anywhere else she wants to! She works 2 jobs, helps care for our mother AND works out all the time and yet she still seems to hardly ever miss anything the 9 nieces and nephews are doing. (Trust me they do a lot…softball, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, school functions, etc). She is going to be a GREAT mother and a loving wife. She has a good example. Our parents have been married 40 years this August! I pray for Emily to find a man who will love her and our family as much as we will love him. There are 18 of us so there is a lot to love! Emily is full of life and has a pure and giving heart. I hope she finds someone just like that. I know this is her blog but if you want to get to know Emily, email her at Good luck to all the single men and women out there!

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Very good summary!!

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