Friday, July 16, 2010

Heat Wave!!!!

I have to figure out how to get a sound clip on here because most of my titles are inspired by songs.  I think I have a slight case of musical tourettes.

We went and ran the steps this morning again and today we had a much bigger turn out...probably because we told more people...go figure.  Today the goal was to run it 6 times and we did it.  Some of the runners this morning stopped after 3 trips to walk around the track but that is still an incredible feat.  One trip of stairs is 174 steps, I counted today.  So those that made it the whole trip traveled over 1000 steps.  I know I'm feeling every single one of them.  It was fun to get a group out there doing this together.  One of them brought a camera and got some more pictures and I'm thinking she will email me a copy. (hint hint)

Well, while we were running the steps I could see old tractor tires that I'm guessing the football team uses for practice and conditioning.  I may get in trouble for this but I just had to see if I could push it over.  My nephews do this in football practice and I have always wanted to try it.  So I snuck down there after we were done and flipped one.  I GOT IT ALL THE WAY OVER!!!  Now let me just say, it took everything in my body to get that stupid thing off the ground....I really didn't expect them to be that heavy.  I couldn't do it a second time.

So now after a shower I am still sweating and hot...not hot Hot HOT!!!!  My hair kinda looks like crap and I sweated through my shirt.  So I'm sitting really still in my air conditioned office and trying not to move because I don't want to sweat anymore till my next workout. 


Renegades said...

Good job keeping up your stairs! I have a walking partner and we are up to 4 miles a day.

Elizabeth said...

still can't believe you flipped one of those monster tires! i couldn't even budge it! crazy!

Dianne :) said...

Maybe if we tried it BEFORE we did the steps??? :-) I am still pumped from this morning...don't get me wrong, I am worn out, but it felt great to be back at something - and with others on the same journey. Thanks ladies!

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